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Office of Foreign Missions

OFMLogoMandated by Congress, the Office of Foreign Missions (OFM) provides the legal foundation to facilitate secure and efficient operations of U.S. missions abroad, and of foreign missions and international organizations in the United States. In doing so, OFM serves the interests of the American public, the American diplomatic community abroad, and the foreign diplomatic community residing in the United States to see that all diplomatic benefits, privileges, and immunities are properly exercised in accordance with federal and international laws.  As part of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, OFM works closely with the Bureau's Protective Liaison Division and the Foreign Missions Branch of the U.S. Secret Service to ensure the safety and security of the foreign missions and their personnel.


The Office of Foreign Missions has three missions: ensuring compliance of diplomatic privileges and immunities for foreign diplomats and officials residing in the United States; improving the treatment of U.S. personnel assigned abroad by imposing reciprocal treatment on foreign diplomats assigned to the United States; and providing service to the foreign diplomatic and consular community in matters relating to motor vehicles, tax, customs, property, and travel.


OFM establishes and maintains relationships with U.S. law enforcement and security communities at the national, state, and local levels to educate about diplomatic privilege and immunity issues. OFM personnel conduct outreach and training seminars with these constituencies in conjunction with representatives from other Diplomatic Security offices, the Bureau of Consular Affairs, and the Office of Protocol.


As an advocate for reciprocal agreements, OFM presses for fair treatment of U.S. personnel abroad while assuring foreign diplomats based in the United States receive the same treatment that each respective government provides in return. Additionally, OFM assists foreign missions in dealing with local government offices in the United States .


Finally, OFM provides a range of services to the foreign diplomatic community, including the issuance of vehicle titles, registrations, driver's licenses, and license plates; processing tax exemption and duty-free customs requests; and facilitating property acquisitions within local zoning law restrictions. By assisting, advising, and regulating services for foreign diplomats, their dependents, and their staffs while residing in the United States, OFM promotes and strengthens the relationship between governments.


Our street address is:


Office of Foreign Missions

3507 International Place, NW

Washington , DC 20008 - 3025


Our mailing address is:


Office of Foreign Missions 
3507 International Place, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20522-3302


Our email address is:



Regional offices are located in Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, New York, NY  and San Francisco, CA.


The Department of Homeland Security has determined that the current nationwide threat level is:

Yellow Advisory

What's New:


NOTICE: Mandatory Use of the E-Gov Program for certain OFM Services Begins April 1, 2008: See the Consolidated List of Notes (Administrative Procedures Section) for full information. Mandatory E Gov Usage 1 April

NOTICE: SUPREME COURT DECISION ON IMMUNITIES: A recent decision of the United States Supereme Court concerning the immunities of foreign states from the jurisdiction of courts in the United States. See Diplomatic Note 07-146.

NOTICE: DEPARTMENT POLICY AFFECTING DEPARTMENT OF STATE DRIVER LICENSE HOLDERS: Effective immediately, all Department of State Drivers Licenses must be returned to the Office of Foreign Missions upon termination of a mission member's tour of duty. See Diplomatic Note 06-270 for more details as well as updated Guidance for Administrative Officers .

Looking for a job? OFM shall announce several new position vacancies in the near future. Please monitor the Employment Opportunities link below.

New policy diplomatic notes and notices are now available by using the pushbutton "Circular Diplomatic Notes & Notices" in this page's lefthand column or by clicking here . The most recently posted notes, which address areas of concern to the missions will be found in Commercial Travel to, from and within the U.S., Customs, Social Security Numbers and Tax Exemption. These notes are indicated by "**" in the left hand margin of the consolidated list.


Employment Opportunities - Applicants must be U.S. citizens who are eligible for a security clearance, updated May 25, 2005

For Mission Personnel - Items of Interest to Members of the Foreign Diplomatic & Consular Community

For Law Enforcement - Items of Interest to Members of the Law Enforcement Community

For Hotels and Vendors - Items of Interest to Merchants of Goods and Services.

Security - Important security information and links.

Publications - OFM Publications.

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