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--12/31/07  Formal Transfer of Authority to the Hybrid United Nations/African Union Peacekeeping Force in Darfur
--12/21/07  Press Conference by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--12/21/07  Resignation of Presidential Special Envoy to Sudan Andrew Natsios
--12/05/07  Meeting with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi; Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
--11/30/07  Results of DV-2008 Visa Lottery
--11/29/07  Briefing on Secretary's Upcoming Trip to Africa
--11/29/07  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Will Travel to Ethiopia and Belgium First Week of December
--11/27/07  Threats Against Chinese Engineers in Darfur
--11/07/07  Request for Applications for Grants to Deal with Landmines, Explosive Remnants of War, and At-Risk Small Arms, Light Weapons, and Munitions Stockpiles
--10/26/07  Daily Press Briefing -- October 26 (Sudan)
--10/17/07  Daily Press Briefing -- October 17 (Sudan)
--10/12/07  Recent Events Threaten to Setback Efforts at Peace in Sudan
--10/09/07  Daily Press Briefing -- October 9 (Sudan)
--10/04/07  Daily Press Briefing -- October 4 (Sudan)
--10/01/07  United States Condemns Killing of African Union Peacekeepers in Sudan
--09/25/07  2009 Diversity Visa Lottery Program Registration
--09/21/07  SUDAN: United States Urges Quick Implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement
--08/27/07  Daily Press Briefing -- August 27 (Sudan)
--08/23/07  Daily Press Briefing -- August 23 (Sudan)
--08/16/07  Daily Press Briefing -- August 16 (Sudan)
--08/16/07  Support for Northern Uganda/LRA Peace Talks
--08/15/07  Daily Press Briefing -- August 15 (Sudan)
--08/07/07  Daily Press Briefing -- August 7 (Sudan)
--08/01/07  Daily Press Briefing -- August 1 (Sudan)
--07/31/07  UN Security Council Agrees to Hybrid Force for Sudan
--07/23/07  Support for UN/AU-Led Political Efforts to End the Violence in Darfur
--07/10/07  Captive Nations Week, 2007
--06/21/07  Secretary Rice to Travel to Europe
--06/13/07  Daily Press Briefing -- June 13 (Sudan)
--06/12/07  Daily Press Briefing -- June 12 (Sudan, Ethiopia)
--06/06/07  State Department Releases Second Annual Report on its Safe Water and Sanitation Strategy in Developing Countries
--06/04/07  Daily Press Briefing -- June 4 (Sudan, Zimbabwe)
--05/29/07  Statement by the President on Darfur
--05/29/07  U.S. Sanctions on Sudan
--05/16/07  Daily Press Briefing -- May 16 (Sudan)
--05/11/07  Additional United States Contribution to Refugees and Conflict Victims in Africa, the West Bank and Gaza
--05/11/07  Daily Press Briefing -- May 11 (Sudan)
--05/11/07  Memo for the Secretary of State: Unexpected Urgent Refugee and Migration Needs Related to Somalia, Sudan, Chad, Other Parts of Africa, and the West Bank and Gaza
--05/09/07  Daily Press Briefing -- May 9 (Sudan, Nigeria)
--05/08/07  Daily Press Briefing -- May 8 (Sudan)
--05/07/07  Daily Press Briefing -- May 7 (Sudan)
--05/04/07  Daily Press Briefing -- May 4 (Sudan, Zimbabwe)
--05/02/07  Transfer of Defense Articles and Services in Support of the Southern Sudan Security Sector Reform (SSR) Program
--04/30/07  Remarks by Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. Permanent Representative, on Western Sahara and the Sudan, at the Security Council Stakeout
--04/27/07  Sudan: U.S. Condemns Bombing Raids on Villages in Darfur
--04/20/07  Daily Press Briefing -- April 20 (Nigeria, Sudan, Libya, Mauritania)
--04/19/07  Daily Press Briefing -- April 19 (Libya, Sudan, Mauritania)
--04/18/07  Daily Press Briefing -- April 18 (Sudan)
--04/16/07  Daily Press Briefing -- April 16 (Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe)
--04/10/07  Daily Press Briefing -- April 10 (Sudan)
--04/05/07  Deputy Secretary Negroponte Travel to Africa
--04/03/07  Daily Press Briefing -- April 3 (Somalia, Sudan)
--03/29/07  U.S. Calls for Investigation into Sudan Liberation Movement Killings
--03/27/07  Daily Press Briefing -- March 27 (Sudan)
--03/20/07  Daily Press Briefing -- March 20 (Sudan)
--03/16/07  Daily Press Briefing -- March 16 (Sudan)
--03/15/07  Daily Press Briefing -- March 15 (Sudan)
--03/14/07  Daily Press Briefing -- March 14 (Sudan)
--03/07/07  Two AU Soldiers Killed in Darfur
--03/02/07  Daily Press Briefing -- March 2 (Sudan)
--02/28/07  Daily Press Briefing -- February 28 (Sudan)
--02/27/07  AU/UN Political Effort in Darfur
--02/27/07  Daily Press Briefing -- February 27 (Sudan)
--02/16/07  Daily Press Briefing -- February 16 (Sudan)
--02/16/07  Human Rights Council: Sudan Assessment Mission Denied Visas
--02/15/07  Daily Press Briefing -- February 15 (Sudan)
--02/07/07  Daily Press Briefing -- February 7 (Sudan)
--02/05/07  Daily Press Briefing -- February 5 (Sudan)
--02/01/07  Northern Uganda Peace Talks in Juba, Sudan
--01/26/07  Daily Press Briefing -- January 26 (South Africa, Somalia, Sudan)
--01/25/07  Memorandum for the Secretary of State
--01/23/07  Arrests in Darfur
--01/19/07  Daily Press Briefing -- January 19 (Sudan)
--01/18/07  Daily Press Briefing -- January 18 (Sudan)
--01/16/07  Daily Press Briefing -- January 16 (Sudan)
--01/16/07  President Bush Meets with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
--01/12/07  Daily Press Briefing -- January 12 (Sudan)
--01/09/07  New Request for Applications for Grants to Advance Humanitarian Mine Action and Stem Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons Trafficking
--01/08/07  Daily Press Briefing -- January 8 (Sudan)
--01/05/07  Special Envoy Andrew Natsios to Travel to China
--01/05/07  The United States Condemns Ongoing Violence in Darfur
--01/03/07  Daily Press Briefing -- January 3 (Sudan)
--01/03/07  Support for International Force in Somalia

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