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Allocation of Cabinet Positions and Automomous Agencies - Commissions under the NTGL

Bureau of Afircan Affairs
Washington, DC
August 18, 2003

  Annex 4




 1.       In conformity with Articles XXVI(1) and (2) of the Peace Agreement, the profile of the Executive Branch of the present Government of Liberia shall be maintained. 

2       a. Twenty-one (21) out of the twenty-two (22) existing ministries shall operate under the Transitional Government. 

b.       The Ministry of State without Portfolio shall cease to exist. 

3.       The functioning Ministries are as follows: 

                                i.            Ministry of Agriculture;

                               ii.            Ministry of Commerce;

                             iii.            Ministry of Education;

                            iv.            Ministry of Finance

                             v.            Ministry of Foreign Affairs

                            vi.            Ministry of Gender and Development

                          vii.            Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

                         viii.            Ministry of Information

                            ix.            Ministry of Internal Affairs

                             x.            Ministry of Justice

                            xi.            Ministry of Labor

                          xii.            Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy;

                         xiii.            Ministry of National Defense

                       xiv.            Ministry of National Security

                         xv.            Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs

                       xvi.            Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

                      xvii.            Ministry of Public Works

                    xviii.            Ministry of Rural Development

                       xix.            Ministry of Ministry of State

                         xx.            Ministry of Transport

                       xxi.            Ministry of Youth and Sports 

4.       The following ministries have been allocated to the three warring parties: 

          For the GOL 

                                i.            Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

                               ii.            Ministry of Health and Social Welfare;

                             iii.            Ministry of National Defence;

                            iv.            Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs;

                             v.            Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

For the LURD 

                                i.            Ministry of Finance;

                               ii.            Ministry of Justice;

                             iii.            Ministry of Labor;

                            iv.            Ministry of Transport

                             v.            Ministry of State; 

For the MODEL 

                                i.            Ministry of Agriculture;

                               ii.            Ministry of Commerce;

                             iii.            Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy;

                            iv.            Ministry of Public Works;

                             v.            Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

5.       The following Ministries shall be allocated to the Political Parties and the Civil Society:

                                 i.            Ministry of National Security;

                               ii.            Ministry of Education;

                             iii.            Ministry of Gender and Development;

                            iv.            Ministry of Information;

                             v.            Ministry of Rural Development;

                            vi.            Ministry of Youth and Sports. 

6.       The Warring Parties shall be allocated two (2) Deputy Ministerial Positions in the Ministries allocated to them. 

7.       A total number of twenty-two (22) Public Corporations shall operate under the Transitional Government. 

8.       The Public Corporations are as follows: 

                                i.            Agriculture Cooperative Development Bank

                               ii.            Agriculture Industrial Training Board

                             iii.            Forestry Development Authority

                            iv.            Liberia Broadcasting System

                             v.            Liberia Domestic Airport Authority

                            vi.            Liberia Electricity Corporation

                          vii.            Liberia Free Zone Authority

                         viii.            Liberia Mining Corporation

                            ix.            Liberia National Lotteries

                             x.            Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation

                            xi.            Liberia Rubber Development Unit

                          xii.            Liberia Telecommunications Corporation

                         xiii.            Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation

                       xiv.            Liberian National Oil Company

                         xv.            Liberian Produce Marketing Corporation

                       xvi.            Monrovia Transit Authority

                      xvii.            National Housing and Savings Bank

                    xviii.            National Housing Authority

                       xix.            National Insurance Corporation of Liberia

                         xx.            National Port Authority

                       xxi.            National Social Security and Welfare Corporation

                      xxii.            Robert International Airport 

9.       The following Public Corporations have been allocated to the Warring Parties: 

          For the GOL 

                                i.            Liberia Broadcasting System;

                               ii.            Liberia Electricity Corporation;

                             iii.            Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation;

                            iv.            Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation. 

For the LURD 

                                i.            Liberia Free Zone Authority;

                               ii.            Liberian Telecommunications Corporation;

                             iii.            Liberian Produce Marketing Corporation;

                            iv.            National Ports Authority. 

For the MODEL 

                                i.            Agriculture, Corporative Development Bank;

                               ii.            Forestry Development Authority;

                             iii.            Roberts International Airport;

                            iv.            National Social Security and Welfare Corporation. 

10.     Public Corporations allocated to the Political Parties and Civil Society are as follows: 

                                i.            Agriculture Industrial Training Board;

                               ii.            Liberia Domestic Airport Authority;

                             iii.            Liberia Mining Corporation;

                            iv.            Liberia National Lotteries;

                             v.            Liberia Rubber Development Unit;

                            vi.            Liberia National Oil Company;

                          vii.            Monrovia Transit Authority;

                         viii.            National Housing and Savings Bank;

                            ix.            National Housing Authority;

                             x.            National Insurance Corporation of Liberia.


10.     A total number of twenty-two (22) Autonomous Agencies/Commissions shall operate under the Transitional Government.  These include Commissions that have been established under the Peace Agreement. 

11.     They are: 

                                i.            Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization

                               ii.            Bureau of General Auditing

                             iii.            Bureau of Maritime Affairs

                            iv.            Bureau of State Enterprises

                             v.            Bureau of Budget

                            vi.            Center for National Documentation and Records

                          vii.            Civil Service Agency

                         viii.            Cooperative Development Agency

                            ix.            General Service Agency

                             x.            John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center

                            xi.            Liberia National Police Force

                          xii.            Liberia Refugee, Repatriation and resettlement Commission

                         xiii.            National Bureau of Investigation

                       xiv.            National Fire Services

                         xv.            National food Assistance Agency

                       xvi.            National Investment Commission

                      xvii.            National Security Agency

                    xviii.            Truth and reconciliation Commission

                       xix.            Independent National Human Rights Commission

                         xx.            Governance Reform Commission

                       xxi.            Contract Monopolies Commission

                      xxii.            National Elections Commission. 

12.     The following Autonomous Agencies/Commissions have been allocated to Warring Parties: 

          For the GOL

                                i.            Bureau of the Budget;

                               ii.            National Security Agency. 

For the LURD 

                                i.            General Service Agency;

                               ii.            National Investment Commission; 

For the MODEL 

                                i.            Bureau of Maritime Affairs;

                               ii.            Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission; 

12.          Autonomous Agencies allocated to Political Parties and the Civil Society are as follows: 

                                i.            Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization;

                               ii.            Bureau of General Auditing;

                             iii.            Bureau of State Enterprises;

                            iv.            Center for National DOC and Records;

                             v.            Civil Service Agency;

                            vi.            Corporative Development Agency;

                          vii.            John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center;

                         viii.            Independent National Human Rights Commission;

                            ix.            Liberia National Police Force;

                             x.            Truth and Reconciliation Commission;

                            xi.            The National Bureau of Investigation;

                          xii.            National Fire Services;

                         xiii.            National Food Assistance Agency;

                       xiv.            Contracts and Monopolies Commission;

                         xv.            National Elections Commission;

                       xvi.            Governance reform Commission.

Released on September 16, 2003

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