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Korea, North
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Press Releases

--01/06/09  Status of Food Aid Deliveries to North Korea (Taken Question)

--10/11/08  Existing Sanctions and Reporting Provisions Related to North Korea
--10/11/08  U.S.-DPRK Agreement on Denuclearization Verification Measures
--10/11/08  U.S.-North Korea Understandings on Verification
--06/26/08  North Korea: Presidential Action on State Sponsor of Terrorism (SST) and the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA)
--06/12/08  Release of the Report of the External Independent Investigative Review Panel: United Nations Development Program Activities in North Korea (1999-2007)
--05/10/08  Update on the Six-Party Talks
--03/24/08  North Korea: Six-Party Consultations (Taken Question)

--12/11/07  North Korea - Visit by the New York Philharmonic (Taken Question)
--10/03/07  Six-Party Talks -- Second-Phase Actions for the Implementation of the September 2005 Joint Statement
--08/31/07  North Korea -- United States Response to Flooding
--07/24/07  Korea -- Congressional Commission Reuniting Families (Taken Question))
--07/16/07  Yongbyon Nuclear Facility (Taken Question)
--07/14/07  North Korea -- Shutdown of Yongbyon Facilities
--06/21/07  North Korea - Nuclear Equipment (Taken Question)
--06/12/07  Korea - Six Party Talks; EAP - Ambassador Hill's Meetings with ROK Vice Foreign Minister Chun Young-woo
--04/14/07  North Korea's 60-Day Assessment
--04/10/07  Statement on North Korean-Related Funds Frozen at Banco Delta Asia
--04/03/07  Statement on U.S. Delegation to North Korea
--02/20/07  North Korea: An Important First Step
--02/13/07  North Korea - Denuclearization Action Plan

--12/12/06  Special Press Briefing on Six-Party Talks
--12/08/06  Recommendation to Create a Special State Department Office for North Korean Refugees
--10/11/06  Japan -- Announcement of Additional North Korea Sanctions
--10/09/06  Statement by the President on North Korea; Washington, DC
--09/21/06  U.S. Policy in the United Nations Security Council
--09/07/06  North Korea: Daedong Credit Bank
--07/15/06  United Nations Security Council Condemns Democratic People's Republic of Korea's Missile Launches
--07/11/06  North Korea - Proliferation Security Initiative
--07/04/06  North Korea Missile Launches

--09/19/05  North Korea -- U.S. Statement
--06/22/05  North Korea -- U.S. Humanitarian Assistance
--06/08/05  Korea - Six-Party Talks
--05/31/05  North Korea - New York Channel
--03/08/05  China/Korea - Visit of Ning Fukui
--02/19/05  U.S.-Japan Joint Statement on North Korea
--02/14/05  Korea - Appointment of Head of the U.S. Delegation to the Six-Party Talks

--12/06/04  North Korea - Meetings in New York
--08/09/04  Korea - DeTrani Travel to New York
--07/23/04  North Korea -- U.S. Food Donation
--05/18/04  Five Countries Certified as not Cooperating Fully with U.S. Antiterrorism Efforts

--09/08/03  Korea - Secretary's Remarks
--03/10/03  North Korea: RC135 Intercept Protest (Taken Question)
--01/02/03  Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group to Meet in Washington, January 6-7, 2003

--11/29/02  International Atomic Energy Agency Adopts Resolution on North Korea
--04/30/02  Democratic People's Republic of Korea Prepared to Talk With U.S.

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