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Fact Sheet
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
Washington, DC
April 1, 2008

Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance: Azerbaijan

U.S. assistance to Azerbaijan for estimated Fiscal Year 2008 represented in a pie chart.
Graph of U.S. assistance to Azerbaijan  from 1992-2007
Azerbaijan: Est. FY 2008 USD Thousands
Total Accounts $26,841
FREEDOM Support Act (FSA): $18,846
Foreign Military Financing (FMF): $2,976
Non-Proliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related Issues (NADR): $2,077
Child Survival and Health (CSH): $1,990
International Military Education and Training (IMET): $952

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Flag of Azerbaijan is three equal horizontal bands of blue at top, red, and green; a crescent and eight-pointed star in white are centered in red band.

Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance*
Fiscal Year (FY) 2007:$39.37Million (M) ($30.0M FSA, $9.37M Other)
Estimate FY 2008: $26.84M ($18.84M FSA, $8.0M Other)

Assistance Goals: United States Government (USG) assistance promotes regional security through the increase of Azerbaijan’s capabilities to combat domestic and transnational criminal activities; the development of key democratic institutions of government and civil society to promote public participation, combat corruption and strengthen the rule of law; and far-reaching economic reforms which promote stability and sustainable growth in the non-oil sectors of the economy.

Areas of Focus (Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance):
Peace and Security (PS): FY 2007: $11.41M; Est. FY 2008: $7.05M

  • Strengthen the counter-terrorism skills of Azerbaijan’s law-enforcement bodies
  • Assist in completion of the reform goals of Azerbaijan’s NATO Individual Partnership Action Plan, and increase Azerbaijan’s peacekeeping, counter-terrorism and coastal/maritime security capabilities.
  • Increase the capacity of the country’s justice system to implement Azerbaijan’s National Plan to combat trafficking in persons

Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD): FY 2007: $12.69M Est. FY 2008: $9.84M
  • Increase judicial independence and strengthen the rule of law
  • Improve transparency in legislative and Parliamentary procedures
  • Support the development of independent media and civil society
  • Promote conditions conducive to free and fair elections

Investing in People (IIP): FY 2007: $3.0M; Est. FY 2008: $3.67M

  • Increase access to high quality health care and reproductive health services
  • Promote regulatory and institutional reforms in the health care system

Economic Growth (EG): FY 2007: $10.81M; Est. FY 2008: $5.25M

  • Promote economic diversification, private sector development, transparency in revenue and expenditure management, and sustainable development
  • Support Azerbaijan’s goal of WTO accession

Humanitarian Assistance (HA): FY 2007: $1.0M; Est. FY 2008: 0.50M

  • Relieve suffering of vulnerable populations by providing donated food, clothing, and medicine valued at $14M
  • Collaborate with in-country NGOs and local officials to build partnerships between the people of Azerbaijan and the people of the United States

Recent Successes:

  • Increased judicial, prosecutorial, law enforcement, and NGO capacity to implement the National Action Plan to combat Trafficking in Persons
  • Peer educators conducted nearly 4,000 health and family planning sessions reaching over 33,000 people.
  • Increased agricultural sales by approximately $37M for rural client companies and created over 5000 additional person-years of direct employment
  • Provided training on leadership to 1,400 youth from 18 regions to form Azerbaijan’s next generation of political leaders
  • Funded the clearance of 1,900 hectares of mines and unexploded ordnance, thereby allowing for construction of housing for 2,000 IDP families
  • Delivered over $12.6M in donated assistance, mainly to IDP and Institutionalized populations

*Division J of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 Omnibus Appropriations Act: Department of State Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2008, including: FSA, CSH, NADR, IMET and FMF

**Estimate from FY 2009 Congressional Budget Justification; Website: http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/101440.pdf

Graph Explanations:

  • Pie Chart: For estimated Fiscal Year 2008 thirty-six percent of U.S. assistance to Azerbaijan went to the objective of Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD), twenty-six percent to Peace and Security (PS), twenty percent to Economic Growth (EG), sixteen percent to Investing in People (IIP) and two percent to Humanitarian Assistance (HA)
  • The Line Graph covers U.S. assistance to Azerbaijan from 1992-2007:
    • In Fiscal Year 1992 0.20 Million dollars in Freedom Support Act (FSA) assistance was given to Azerbaijan and total United States Government (USG) assistance was 1.80 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 1993: FSA: 6.50 Million dollars; Total USG: 8.46 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 1994: FSA: 15.69 Million dollars; Total USG: 34.64 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 1995: FSA: 13.40 Million dollars; Total USG: 26.21 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 1996: FSA: 11.57 Million dollars; Total USG: 29.96 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 1997: FSA: 16.02 Million dollars; Total USG: 16.78 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 1998: FSA: 35.48 Million dollars; Total USG: 41.24 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 1999: FSA: 37.68 Million dollars; Total USG: 47.26 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 2000: FSA: 31.77 Million dollars; Total USG: 37.96 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 2001: FSA: 38.76 Million dollars; Total USG: 48.26 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 2002: FSA: 44.30 Million dollars; Total USG: 68.89 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 2003: FSA: 45.93 Million dollars; Total USG: 68.63 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 2004: FSA: 38.76 Million dollars; Total USG: 79.48 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 2005: FSA: 38.22 Million dollars; Total USG: 80.11 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 2006: FSA: 33.95 Million dollars; Total USG: 88.72 Million dollars
    • Fiscal Year 2007: FSA: 30.00 Million dollars; Total USG: 65.00 Million dollars

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