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--12/30/04  Belarus: Conviction of Mikhail Marinich
--12/29/04  Deputy Secretary Travel to Europe and Middle East
--12/23/04  Prosecution of Belarusian Opposition Figure Mikhail Marinich
--12/21/04  Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe Journalist Yuri Bagrov (Taken Question)
--12/16/04  United States Supports High Representative Ashdown's Actions Against War Crimes Fugitives and Their Supporters
--12/14/04  United States - Russian Federation Joint Statement
--12/08/04  Election Observers for Ukraine
--12/08/04  Northern Ireland Peace Process
--12/08/04  Travel Restrictions on Belarusian Officials
--12/03/04  Meeting With Ambassadors of Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Moldova
--12/02/04  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell To Address U.S., Baltic, and East European Women Business Leaders Participating in Riga Women Business Leaders Summit

--11/22/04  New European Commission Welcomed
--11/17/04  Fifteenth Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution
--11/17/04  Ulster Defense Association Initiative
--11/12/04  U.S.-U.K. Joint Statement on the Middle East Peace Process
--11/08/04  Arctic Council Ministerial Preparations
--11/08/04  November 5, 2004 Warden Message - Athens, Greece
--11/05/04  Charge d'Affaires of the U.S. Mission to International Organizations in Vienna
--11/04/04  Georgian Troop Deployment to Iraq

--10/29/04  U.S. Watches Ukraine Elections with Concern; Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary ; Op-ed published in the Financial Times ; Washington, DC
--10/25/04  Deputy Secretary Richard Armitage to Travel to Russia and Kazakhstan
--10/18/04  New EU Sanctions on Burma
--10/15/04  Department of State Actions To Combat Anti-Semitism
--10/15/04  Roundtable on Religious Freedom in Europe and Eurasia Points to Progress and Continuing Concerns in the Region
--10/14/04  Ukrainian Elections
--10/08/04  Bombing at Istanbul Patriarchate
--10/06/04  Serbian President's Call for Participation in Kosovo Elections

--09/28/04  Meeting with Greek Foreign Minister at United Nations
--09/27/04  U.S. Visa Restrictions on Belarusian Officials
--09/24/04  Foreign Terrorist Organization: Redesignation of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and Alias
--09/22/04  NATO Iraq Training Role
--09/16/04  Open Skies Treaty: Second Russian Observation Mission in the United States
--09/15/04  Macedonia Ohrid Referendum
--09/13/04  U.S.-Georgia Counter-Terrorism Cooperation
--09/09/04  Deputy Secretary Travel to Northern and Central Europe
--09/09/04  Lukashenko Referendum Announcement

--08/31/04  OSCE Election Observer Mission
--08/22/04  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell To Travel to Greece
--08/20/04  Welcoming Georgian Troop Withdrawal
--08/06/04  Enhancing Cooperation Between the United States and Greenland
--08/06/04  Estonian Man Convicted in Visa Fraud and Sexual Trafficking Scheme
--08/05/04  Kosovo Lignite Mine
--08/05/04  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell Names U.S. Delegation to the OSCE Conference on Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination Sponsored by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, September 13-14

--07/30/04  NATO Training Mission in Iraq
--07/29/04  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Travel to Greenland
--07/29/04  U.S. Participation in the Geneva Conference on Disarmament
--07/26/04  Macedonia: Ohrid Framework Agreement
--07/23/04  Belarusian Steps Against Academic Freedom, Right of Assembly
--07/22/04  Sudan: Russian Arms Sales to Sudan
--07/22/04  U.S. Weapons in North Cyprus
--07/19/04  Shootings in Southern Serbia
--07/16/04  U.S. Opposes Schiff Amendment to FY 05 Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill
--07/15/04  Macedonian Territorial Organisation Agreement
--07/13/04  Foreign Terrorist Organization: Designation of Continuity Irish Republican Army and Aliases
--07/13/04  Secretary of State Decision not to Certify Uzbekistan
--07/09/04  Aid to Northern Cyprus (Taken Question)
--07/07/04  British and American Youths to Shadow Secretaries Powell and Straw for Fourth Annual Exchange
--07/07/04  Death of Austrian President Thomas Klestil
--07/06/04  Raising Yukos with the Russian Government

--06/30/04  U.S. Support for Actions by High Representative Paddy Ashdown
--06/25/04  Election in Serbia
--06/16/04  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Travel to Ireland, Turkey, and Indonesia
--06/15/04  Norway's Dismissal of Mullah Krekar Case
--06/08/04  UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus
--06/07/04  Deputy Secretary Meets Mayor of Athens
--06/02/04  NATO Assumes Control of Kabul International Airport
--06/01/04  China Arms Embargo
--06/01/04  Proliferation Security Initiative

--05/26/04  Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage Trip To Brussels
--05/26/04  Forensics Team to Uzbekistan
--05/26/04  President Bush Invites Turkey to G8 Summit as Democratic Partner
--05/25/04  Turkish Cypriot Leader Mehmet Ali Talat
--05/24/04  United States, Armenia to Sign Cultural Sites Agreement
--05/21/04  Torture Death in Uzbekistan
--05/17/04  Ukraine Danube Delta Canal Project
--05/13/04  Azerbaijan Bolsters Anti-Terrorism Participation
--05/13/04  Participation of Belgium in the Visa Waiver Program
--05/12/04  Deputy Secretary Armitage's Meeting With European Security Officials
--05/05/04  Departure of Ajaran Leader Aslan Abashidze
--05/05/04  Iraqi Judges Discussing Rule of Law With International Legal Experts in The Hague
--05/03/04  Macedonian Presidential Election
--05/03/04  Statement by the President on EU Enlargement

--04/30/04  Assistant Secretary Bloomfield Hosts United States-Azerbaijan Political-Military Talks
--04/30/04  Secretary Powell to Meet Mehmet Ali Talat
--04/29/04  European Ratifications of the 1999 Montreal Convention
--04/26/04  NATO Council visits Afghanistan
--04/24/04  Armenian Remembrance Day
--04/24/04  Cyprus Referendum
--04/24/04  Jewish Heritage Week, 2004: A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America
--04/23/04  Uzbekistan Rescinds Open Society Registration
--04/22/04  Secretary Powell Meets With U.S. Delegation to OSCE Anti-Semitism Conference
--04/22/04  Veto of Kazakhstan Media Bill
--04/21/04  Cyprus Settlement
--04/20/04  Northern Irish Independent Monitoring Commission Report
--04/16/04  Secretary Powell to Attend Berlin Conference on Anti-Semitism Sponsored by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe April 28-29, 2004
--04/16/04  Special Negotiator Named for Nagorno-Karabakh and Eurasian Conflicts
--04/15/04  Advisory Committee for Study of Eastern Europe and the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union
--04/13/04  Political Unrest in Armenia
--04/12/04  U.S. Support for Referendum
--04/08/04  International Roma Day
--04/06/04  Six Bosnian Croat Indictees Surrender to the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia
--04/01/04  Joint Press Statement by the U.S.-Russia Working Group on Counterterrorism
--04/01/04  Pakistan: Major Non-NATO Ally Status

--03/31/04  Serbia and Montenegro Certification
--03/31/04  Uzbekistan Friendship Bridge
--03/30/04  Uzbekistan Democratization
--03/29/04  On-the-Record Briefing on NATO Enlargement by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Robert Bradtke
--03/29/04  Serbia & Montenegro Notice
--03/26/04  Russia: Banning Religious Activities of Jehovah's Witnesses in Moscow
--03/26/04  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Host The North Atlantic Treaty Organization Accession Lunch
--03/25/04  Greek Independence Day: A National Day of Celebration of Greek and American Democracy
--03/25/04  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell Names Members of Congress to U.S. Delegation to Conference on Anti-Semitism Sponsored by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, April 28-29
--03/24/04  Background Briefing by a Senior Adminstration Official En Route to Washington
--03/23/04  Statement on Ceremony to Mark the Enlargement of NATO
--03/22/04  Deputy Secretary Richard L. Armitage to Travel to Caucasus and Ukraine
--03/22/04  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Travel to Spain
--03/22/04  U.N. Commission on Human Rights China Resolution
--03/19/04  Meeting of Deputy Secretary Richard L. Armitage and Serbia and Montenegro Foreign Minister Goran Svilanovic
--03/18/04  Release of Political Prisoners in Azerbaijan
--03/17/04  Outbreak of Violence in Kosovo
--03/17/04  Russia-Qatar Relations over Chechen's Death
--03/16/04  Appointment of First Bosnian State Defense Minister
--03/12/04  60th U.N. Commission on Human Rights March 15 - April 23, 2004, Geneva
--03/03/04  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Travel to Germany, Belgium
--03/03/04  Watch Officer Exchange with Russian Nuclear Risk Reduction Center
--03/01/04  Transfer of Russian Nationals from Guantanamo

--02/27/04  The German-American Alliance for the 21st Century Joint Statement by President George W. Bush and Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder
--02/19/04  Transfer of Danish National from Guantanamo
--02/13/04  U.S. Welcomes Agreement in UN Cyprus Talks
--02/09/04  Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch to Head U.S. Delegation To Conference on Anti-Semitism Sponsored by the Organization For Security and Cooperation in Europe, April 28-29, 2004

--01/30/04  Joint Statement by the United States and the European Commission Following the Second Joint Climate Change Science and Technology Workshop
--01/29/04  Bosnia and Herzegovina: U.S. Support for Mostar Statute
--01/26/04  Ambassador Pierre-Richard Prosper to lead U.S. Delegation to the Stockholm International Forum 2004: Preventing Genocide: Threats and Responsibilities
--01/25/04  Positive Meeting on Cyprus Negotiations
--01/16/04  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Travel to Georgia, Russia
--01/14/04  Afghanistan Priority No. 1 for NATO
--01/14/04  U.S. Air Base in Incirlik, Turkey
--01/08/04  U. S. Efforts to Establish a Mutually Beneficial Cooperative Relationship between the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS) and Europe's Planned Galileo Satellite Navigation System
--01/08/04  U.S. Global Positioning System and European Galileo System
--01/06/04  Georgia Debt Relief

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