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Fact Sheets/Press Releases

--01/13/09  Alleged U.S. Involvement in Iran Coup Attempt (Taken Question)
--01/02/09  Intimidation of Human Rights Activists in Iran

--12/23/08   The Human Rights Situation in Iran
--12/19/08  UN General Assembly Calls on Iran to Meet Human Rights Obligations
--12/17/08  Treasury Designation of Two Iranian Entities tied to Proliferation Activities
--11/21/08  Robert Levinson Case
--11/11/08  Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Iran
--11/06/08  Treasury Revokes "U-Turn" License for Iran
--10/24/08  Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act Sanctions (Taken Question)
--10/06/08  Iran: Letters Regarding P5+1 (Taken Question)
--09/30/08  Recent U.S. Actions to Halt Iran's Procurement Practices for Attempted Acquisition of WMD-Related Items
--09/17/08  Additional U.S. Actions Against Iran's Proliferation Activities
--09/11/08  Designation of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) and Subsidiaries for Proliferation Activities
--08/12/08  Treasury Designation of Iranian Entities for Proliferation Activities 
--07/15/08  Two Students Arrested in Iran
--07/14/08  American Citizen Robert Levinson Still Missing in Iran
--07/08/08  Designation of Iranian Entities and Individuals for Proliferation Activities
--07/08/08  Designation of Iranian Individuals and Entity for Proliferation Activities
--07/02/08  Iran Air Flight 655 (Taken Question)
--05/15/08  Arrests of Leadership of Iranian Baha'is
--05/12/08  Iran: Incentives Package (Taken Question)
--04/04/08  UN Security Council Resolution 1803 on Iran's Nuclear Program
--04/01/08  Message on SeezDeh Bedar
--03/20/08  U.S. Maintains Pressure on Iran
--03/14/08  Iranian Parliamentary Elections
--03/06/08  Case of Missing American Citizen Robert Levinson
--03/03/08  Iran Sentences Journalist Parnaz Azima
--02/07/08  Iran Silences Women's Magazine
--02/06/08  Increasing Executions, Death Sentences in Iran
--01/23/08  Death of Imprisoned Student in Iran

--12/28/07  Prisoners' Health Deteriorates in Iran
--12/11/07  U.S.-Iran-Iraq Security Talks (Taken Question)
--12/05/07  Case of Missing American Citizen Robert Levinson
--10/25/07  Designation of Iranian Entities and Individuals for Proliferation Activities and Support for Terrorism
--10/17/07  Human Rights Defender Detained in Iran
--09/28/07  P5+2 Statement on Iran
--08/15/07  Government of Iran Sentences Journalists to Death Continues to Thwart Independent Views
--07/17/07  Iran Unjustly Parades American Citizens
--07/16/07  Iran: Update on Status of American Citizens (Taken Question)
--07/16/07  Iran: Crackdown on Students
--06/07/07  Americans Detained in Iran
--06/04/07  Update on Iran Democracy Promotion Funding
--03/30/07  Iran's Defense Industries Organization Designated by State
--03/19/07  Iranian Visas
--03/08/07  Iranian Women Protests

--12/06/06  Iran: Vetting of Candidates for December Elections
--11/03/06  Iran Democracy Funding
--09/01/06  Iran: Arrest of Student Activists
--08/31/06  Winning the Struggle Between Freedom and Terror in the Middle East
--08/24/06  Additional United States Contribution to Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and Other Conflict Victims in Lebanon and Neighboring Countries
--08/24/06  United States Offers Emergency Aid to Clean Up Lebanon Oil Spill
--08/23/06  Iranian Response to the P5+1 Package
--08/23/06  United States Emergency Aid to Lebanon to Clear Explosive Remnants of War
--08/04/06  Iran: Centennial Anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution
--08/01/06  Iran: Death of Jailed Student Dissident
--07/31/06  UN Security Council Resolution on Iran
--05/22/06  Under Secretary Burns' Travel to London
--05/18/06  U.S.-Saudi Strategic Dialogue
--05/16/06  Iran: Attendance at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit
--05/16/06  Russia: G-8 Agenda
--05/01/06  Under Secretary Burns to Travel to Paris for Discussions on Iran
--03/31/06  U.S. Assistance to Iran following Bam Earthquake
--03/20/06  Nowruz Greetings
--03/17/06  Continued Detention of Akbar Ganji
--02/15/06  Special Press Background Briefing on U.S. Support for Democracy in Iran
--01/31/06  IRAN: Government Crackdown on Bus Driver Demonstrations
--01/20/06  The 25th Anniversary of the Release of American Hostages in Iran

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