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Fact Sheets

--12/04/08  The Strategic Framework Agreement and the Security Agreement with Iraq
--10/16/08  Iraq Cultural Heritage Project (ICHP)
--10/15/08  Success of the Surge Allows Political Improvements in Iraq text
--09/12/08  U.S. Surpasses Goal of Admitting 12,000 Iraqi Refugees in Fiscal Year 2008; Assistance Reaches New Heights
--09/01/08  Iraqis Take Responsibility for Security in Anbar Province
--06/03/08  Latest Figures on Iraqi Refugee Admissions and Humanitarian Aid
--04/15/08  U.S. Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees and Internally Displaced Iraqis
--04/10/08  The Way Forward in Iraq
--03/27/08  Achieving Political and Economic Progress in Iraq
--03/19/08  Fact Sheet: Five Years Later: New Strategy Improving Security In Iraq
--01/28/08  Continued Progress In Iraq Allows "Return On Success"
--01/08/08  Helping Iraq Achieve Economic and Political Stabilization

--12/17/07  Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs)
--12/05/07  United States Humanitarian Assistance for Displaced Iraqis
--11/26/07  U.S.-Iraq Declaration of Principles for Friendship and Cooperation
--11/09/07  United States Humanitarian Assistance for Displaced Iraqis
--11/02/07  The Way Forward in Iraq: Successes and Challenges
--08/01/07  Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs)
--03/28/07  Provincial Reconstruction Teams: Building Iraqi Capacity and Accelerating the Transition to Iraqi Self-Reliance
--03/25/07  Launch of the Independent Radio & Television Network (IRTN) in Iraq
--03/18/07  Four Years Later: New Strategy Requires Patience and Determination
--03/14/07  Jones Takes Helm of Diyala Reconstruction Team
--03/06/07  Pursuing a Strategy for Success in Iraq
--01/11/07  Helping Iraqis Rebuild Iraq: Two Provincial Reconstruction Teams
--01/11/07  Microfinance Builds Iraqi Economy
--01/11/07  Provincial Reconstruction Teams: Building Iraqi Capacity and Accelerating the Transition to Iraq Self-Reliance
--01/10/07  Fact Sheet: The New Way Forward in Iraq; Washington, DC
--01/10/07  Highlights of the Iraq Strategy Review; Released by The White House, Office of the Press Secretary; Washington, DC

--09/11/06  The Fifth Anniversary of September 11, 2001
--08/31/06  Winning the Struggle Between Freedom and Terror in the Middle East
--07/25/06  Fact Sheet: Prime Minister Maliki's Meeting With President Bush
--06/13/06  Camp David Meetings: Building on Progress in Iraq
--06/05/06  The Iraqi Virtual Science Library
--05/20/06  Milestones in Iraq's Political Development
--03/29/06  Strategy for Victory: Freedom in Iraq
--03/20/06  Strategy for Victory in Iraq: Clear, Hold, and Build
--03/18/06  Fact Sheet: Operation Iraqi Freedom: Three Years Later
--03/13/06  Strategy for Victory: Defeating the Terrorists and Training Iraqi Security Forces
--01/10/06  Progress and the Work Ahead in Iraq

--06/20/05  U.S.-EU Summit: Iraq International Conference
--02/22/05  U.S. Commitment to Women in Iraq
--02/17/05  U.S.-EU Cooperation on Iraq
--02/08/05  World Leaders React to the Iraqi Elections; Bureau of Public Affairs; Washington, DC
--02/03/05  The UN Oil-for-Food Program: Uncovering the Facts and Preventing Abuse
--02/01/05  The Iraqi Elections: Initial Results; Bureau of Public Affairs; Washington, DC
--01/25/05  Iraqi Elections: January 30, 2005; Bureau of Public Affairs; Washington, DC
--01/06/05  Iraq: Building a New Society ; Bureau of Public Affairs

--06/28/04  Iraq's Transition to Self-Government
--06/28/04  Toward an Independent, Free, and Peaceful Iraq
--06/09/04  Fact Sheet: Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative
--06/09/04  G-8 Plan of Support for Reform
--06/09/04  Partnership for Progress and a Common Future with the Region of the Broader Middle East and North Africa
--05/24/04  The Transition to Iraqi Self-Government
--05/11/04  Sanctions on Syria: Implementing the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003
--03/26/04  Iraq One Year Later: Freedom and Progress [PDF]
--01/23/04  First Iraqi Fulbright Students and Scholars in 14 Years Come to the United States [PDF]

--12/18/03  Redirection of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Experts Short-term Program
--12/15/03  The New Iraqi Healthcare System
--11/21/03  Transfer of the UN Oil-For-Food Program
--11/06/03  The Madrid Donors' Conference: Helping the Iraqi People Build a New Iraq [PDF]
--10/15/03  New National Currency for Iraq
--09/21/03  Iraq: Lessons Learned Conference; Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs; Baghdad, Iraq
--09/17/03  Iraqi Reconstruction - Rebuilding Iraq [PDF]
--09/12/03  Winning the War on Terrorism
--09/08/03  Request for Additional FY 2004 Funding for the War on Terror
--07/02/03  The U.S. Humanitarian Demining Program in Iraq
--05/22/03  UN Security Council Resolution 1483 Lifts Sanctions on Iraq [PDF]
--05/22/03  UN Security Council Resolution 1483 Lifts Sanctions on Iraq; International Community Pledges Assistance for People of Iraq [revised]
--05/14/03  Iraqis Prepare the Way for a New Iraq (PDF)  [281 Kb]
--05/12/03  Lifting UN Sanctions in Iraq: Supporting Iraqi Recovery and Reconstruction [PDF]
--05/12/03  Lifting UN Sanctions in Iraq: The Role of the International Community [PDF]
--04/11/03  Humanitarian Assistance: Meeting the Needs of the Iraqi People
--03/21/03  Iraq Reconstruction: Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management
--03/20/03  Saddam Hussein's Defiance of UNSCRs
--03/14/03  Saddam's Chemical Weapons Campaign: Halabja, March 16, 1988  Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against his own people in May, 1988.  This document illustrates that tradgedy.
--02/27/03  Iraq's Hidden Weapons: Failing to Disclose and Disarm
--02/25/03  UN Security Council Resolution 1441
--02/20/03  Chemical Weapons Convention States Parties and Signatories
--01/14/03  Iraq Goods Review List
--12/31/02  Timeline of UN-Iraq-Coalition Activity
--12/20/02  Oil-for-Food Program
--12/19/02  Illustrative Examples of Omissions From the Iraqi Declaration to the United Nations Security Council
--12/19/02  Future of Iraq, Oil and Energy Working Group Meeting
--12/18/02  Future of Iraq, Local Government Working Group Meeting
--11/08/02  Text of UN Security Council Resolution on Iraq: November 8, 2002; United Nations; New York, New York
--09/12/02  A Decade of Deception and Defiance ; Washington, DC
--06/08/01  Oil-for-Food Contract Release List - June 8
--06/01/01  Oil-for-Food Contract Release List - June 1
--01/21/01  Myths and Facts About Iraq

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