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Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs
Press Releases on Near Eastern Affairs
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Press Releases on Near Eastern Affairs



--06/09/08  France - Envoys to Syria (Taken Question)
--12/28/07  Prisoners' Health Deteriorates in Iran
--12/17/07  Quartet Statement Following December 17, 2007 Quartet Meeting in Paris, France
--12/11/07  U.S.-Iran-Iraq Security Talks (Taken Question)
--12/07/07  Election of a New Lebanese President is Further Delayed
--12/05/07  Case of Missing American Citizen Robert Levinson
--12/04/07  U.S.-Palestinian Public-Private Partnership Holds Inaugural Session
--11/29/07  Special Satellite Video Conference Briefing on Reconstruction in Salah ad Din, Iraq
--11/28/07  Senior Advisors on Iraqi Refugee Issues from State and DHS to Brief Press on New Developments in Assistance and Admissions
--11/27/07  Joint Understanding Read by President Bush at Annapolis Conference
--11/20/07  Announcement of Annapolis Conference
--11/20/07  Media Coverage of International Conference Logistics Information
--11/08/07  U.S. - Israel Strategic Dialogue
--11/05/07  Statement on Lebanon at the Istanbul Joint Neighbors Conference
--11/04/07  Iraq/Turkey: Release of Turkish Soldiers
--11/01/07  Iraq Staffing
--10/31/07  Special Briefing on Reconstruction in Anbar, Iraq
--10/24/07  Secretary Rice's Travel to Turkey and the Middle East
--10/23/07  Implementation of Recommendations from the Secretary of State's Report on Personal Protective Service Details
--10/23/07  Naming of Senior Advisor to the Deputy Secretary for Iraq Management Issues
--10/17/07  Human Rights Defender Detained in Iran
--09/28/07  Members of Panel Reviewing State Department's Security Practices in Iraq
--09/28/07  P5+2 Statement on Iran
--09/21/07  Lebanon: Presidential Elections; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Joint Statement with Republic of France Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner; Washington, DC
--09/19/07  New Senior Coordinator for Iraqi Refugee Issues
--09/19/07  Statement by Secretary Rice on the Assassination of Lebanese Parliamentarian Antoine Ghanem
--09/19/07  U.S.-Iraq Joint Commission
--09/05/07  U.S. Ambassador Don Bandler to Support Quartet Representative
--08/28/07  Media Discussion with Legal and Business Fellowship Program Participants
--08/28/07  The United States Government Contributing $30 Million to the UNHCR/UNICEF Joint Appeal to Provide Educational Opportunities for Iraqi Children in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt
--08/23/07  Special Digital Video Conference Briefing on Reconstruction in Ramadi, Iraq
--08/21/07  Assistant Secretary Ellen R. Sauerbrey Traveling to Turkey and Jordan
--08/20/07  First Phase of 'Landmine Impact Survey' of Iraq Completed
--08/19/07  Training for the Palestinian Presidential Guard
--08/15/07  Government of Iran Sentences Journalists to Death Continues to Thwart Independent Views
--08/15/07  Travel Ban on Syrian Activist Riad Seif
--08/14/07  Under Secretary Burns to Travel to Middle East
--08/13/07  Designation of Fatah al-Islam under Executive Order 13224
--07/31/07  Joint Statement Following July 31 Meeting
--07/30/07  Assistance Agreements with Gulf States, Israel and Egypt; Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--07/27/07  Five Iraqi Orchestras Unite for U.S. Embassy-Sponsored National Unity Performing and Visual Arts Academy
--07/27/07  UNHCR/UNICEF Joint Appeal: Providing Educational Opportunities to Iraqi Children in Host Countries
--07/24/07  Elimination of Libya's Weapons of Mass Destruction (Taken Question)
--07/24/07  Secretary Rice's Travel to the Middle East
--07/17/07  Iran Unjustly Parades American Citizens
--07/16/07  Iran: Update on Status of American Citizens (Taken Question)
--07/16/07  Iran: Crackdown on Students
--07/12/07  U.S. Contributes Additional $19 million to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for Iraq Refugee Programs
--07/09/07  Secretary Rice to Travel to Middle East, Africa, and Europe
--07/03/07  Attack on Tourists in Yemen
--06/29/07  U.S.-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research Marks One-Year Anniversary
--06/28/07  U.S.-Iraqi Businesswomen's Partnership Launched
--06/27/07  Appointment of Tony Blair as the Quartet Representative ; Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--06/27/07  Quartet Representative - Quartet Statement
--06/22/07  Harassment of Syrian Civil Society Activists
--06/21/07  The United States Government's Contribution to UNRWA 2007 Emergency Appeal for West Bank and Gaza
--06/19/07  Arabic Speakers - Embassy Baghdad (Taken Question)
--06/16/07  Statement of the Quartet
--06/13/07  Assassination of Lebanese Parliamentarian Walid Eido; Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--06/13/07  Egypt: FY 2008 Foreign Assistance Request for Egypt
--06/13/07  Lebanon: $30.6 Million in U.S. Assistance
--06/07/07  Americans Detained in Iran
--06/07/07  President Ahmadi-Nejad's Most Recent Call for the Destruction of Israel
--06/07/07  U.S.-Israel Strategic Dialogue
--06/05/07  Question Taken at the June 4 Daily Press Briefing - Lebanon: Supplemental Aid
--06/05/07  The United States Government's Contribution to UNRWA Flash Appeal for Emergency Needs of Palestinian Refugees in North Lebanon
--06/04/07  Update on Iran Democracy Promotion Funding
--05/30/07  Joint Statement of the Quartet
--05/14/07  Israel, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka Join Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism
--05/14/07  Sentencing of Syrian Political Prisoners
--05/10/07  Syria: Sentencing of Kamal Labwani
--05/09/07  Notice: Continuation of the National Emergency Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting the Export of Certain Goods to Syria
--05/09/07  Vice President Cheney Visiting Middle East
--04/24/07  Sentencing of Syrian Human Rights Lawyer Anwar al-Bunni
--04/20/07  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Travel to Egypt
--04/16/07  Middle East Partnership Initiative Invites Applications for Three-month Democracy Fellowships in the U.S.
--04/12/07  Attack on the Iraqi Council of Representatives Facility
--04/11/07  U.S. Condemns Terrorist Attacks
--04/11/07  Western Sahara Initiative
--03/30/07  Iran's Defense Industries Organization Designated by State
--03/29/07  Syria: Political Prisoners
--03/25/07  Independent Radio and TV Station Launches in Iraq
--03/21/07  Statement of the Middle East Quartet
--03/20/07  Palestinians: U.S. Diplomat Meets with Finance Minister (Taken Question)
--03/20/07  Secretary Rice To Travel to the Middle East
--03/19/07  Iranian Visas
--03/15/07  Egyptian Blogger Appeal Denied
--03/14/07  Anniversary of Lebanon's Cedar Revolution
--03/08/07  Iranian Women Protests
--03/01/07  Imprisonment of Tunisian Activist
--03/01/07  U.S.-Israel Meeting on Assistance
--02/26/07  United States Co-sponsors Women Business Leaders Summit in Jordan
--02/15/07  Morocco: Visit of Moroccan Delegation
--02/12/07  Secretary Rice To Travel to Jerusalem and the Palestinian Territories, Amman, and Berlin
--02/12/07  Two Terrorists Added to Rewards For Justice's Most Wanted List; Secretary Rice Authorizes Up To $5 Million Reward For Each Terrorist
--02/09/07  Quartet Statement on the Agreement to Form a Palestinian National Unity Government
--02/09/07  U.S. Assistance to Iraqi Refugees in Syria
--02/08/07  U.S. Delivers Civil Disorder Management Equipment and SUVs to the Lebanese Internal Security Forces
--02/07/07  Japan -- Foreign Minister Aso's Comment on Iraq
--02/06/07  Israel: Excavation at Haram al-Sharif
--02/06/07  Public-Private Partnership Initiative Launching in Jordan to Expand Opportunities for Women
--02/02/07  Arab Students to Showcase Leadership at MEPI Alumni Conference in Cairo
--02/02/07  Quartet Statement
--02/01/07  Meeting of the Quartet
--02/01/07  Regional Reconstruction Team Holds Inauguration Ceremony
--01/29/07  Arab Democracy Fellows Begin Four-Month Academic and Professional Experience in the United States
--01/24/07  Deaths of U.S. Department of State Contractors in Iraq
--01/23/07  United States Condemns Violence in Lebanon
--01/19/07  Meeting of the Quartet on February 2, 2007
--01/18/07  Under Secretary Burns to Travel to Turkey and the Middle East
--01/16/07  Gulf Cooperation Council-Plus-Two Ministerial Joint Statement
--01/10/07  Hamas Figure Acknowledges Israel's Existence (Taken Question)
--01/08/07  Secretary of State Announces Presidential Nominations for U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq



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