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Press Releases

--01/07/09  Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan Hosts Afghan Women Lawyers Training Conference in the United States
--01/07/09  U.S.-Afghanistan Relations; Richard A. Boucher, Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs; Remarks to the Press; Kabul, Afghanistan

--12/01/08  Department of State and Roots of Peace to co-host "Harvest of Hope" In Recognition of Public-Private Partnerships for Mine Action in Afghanistan
--11/21/08  Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs Leads Members of the U.S.-Afghan Women's Council to Afghanistan
--09/29/08   Afghanistan: Attack On Policewoman
--09/25/08  United States-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership
--09/24/08  United States and Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Meeting in Washington, DC
--09/22/08  Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan Places First Afghan Candidate in Visiting Scholars Program in the United States
--09/14/08  Terrorist Bombings in New Delhi, India 
--09/11/08  India's Adherence to the NSG and MTCR Guidelines
--09/10/08  Afghanistan National Army Expansion 
--06/18/08  Panel Discussion on Justice Reform in Afghanistan
--06/12/08  Summary of U.S. Assistance: International Conference in Support of Afghanistan
--06/10/08  Total U.S. Security and Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan
--06/09/08  Briefing on International Conference in Support of Afghanistan
--05/13/08  The United States and Afghanistan Sign Joint Declaration
--04/21/08  Former Afghan Deminers Learn New Civilian Skills
--03/14/08  Introduction of Pakistan-Afghanistan Reconstruction Opportunity Zone (ROZ) Legislation
--03/07/08  Appointment of Kai Eide as New SRSG; Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--02/07/08  Remarks With UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Kabul, Afghanistan
--02/07/08  Remarks With UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband at Kandahar Air Base; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Kandahar, Afghanistan
--02/07/08  Roots of Peace Builds School on Former Afghan Battlefield with Contributions from American Students
--01/17/08  Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs Dobriansky Chairs U.S.-Afghan Women's Council Meeting

--11/16/07  Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan
--09/05/07  Deputy Secretary of State John D. Negroponte to Visit Afghanistan and Pakistan
--08/07/07  Afghanistan: Strategic Options Paper
--08/01/07  Special Press Briefing on Afghanistan
--07/20/07  Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs Leads U.S. Delegation to Afghanistan for U.S.-Afghan Women's Council Meeting
--05/21/07  Iranian Expulsion of Afghan Migrants
--05/14/07  Israel, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka Join Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism
--03/28/07  Italy: Reaction to Italian Parliament Vote to Continue Funding for Afghanistan
--01/11/07  Afghanistan: Remarks to the Press; Richard A. Boucher, Asistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs; Kabul, Afghanistan

--12/04/06  U.S.-Afghan Women's Council Partnership with Georgetown University
--10/30/06  Under Secretary Burns To Speak at U.S.-Afghan Business Matchmaking Conference
--10/05/06  NATO Assumes Military Command in Afghanistan
--09/22/06  Afghan President Will Meet with Businesses Building Bridges Participants
--09/14/06  President Bush to Welcome President Karzai of Afghanistan to the White House
--08/29/06  Remnants of War Cleared From Afghanistan's "Devil's Garden"
--07/21/06  Afghanistan Wins Generous Debt Reduction in Paris Club
--03/21/06  Joint Statement: United States-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership
--03/20/06  Bouquet of Flowers Leads to Largest Cache of Abandoned Munitions in Afghanistan
--02/07/06  Afghanistan - Paris Club Debt Relief
--02/07/06  Debt Cancellation for Afghanistan

--12/19/05  President Congratulates the Afghan People on Inauguration of Afghan National Assembly
--12/19/05  The Seating of the Afghan National Assembly; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--09/19/05  Elections in Afghanistan; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; New York City
--09/18/05  President Congratulates Afghan People and Government on Successful Parliamentary Elections
--08/16/05  Spanish/NATO Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
--08/04/05  Detainee Transfers to Afghanistan
--08/01/05  U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ronald E. Neumann Presents Credentials to President Hamid Karzai
--05/23/05  Joint Declaration of the United States-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership
--05/18/05  Afghanistan: Killing of Contract Personnel (Taken Question)
--03/29/05  Under Secretary for Global Affairs Leads U.S. Delegation to Afghanistan for U.S.-Afghan Women's Council Meeting
--03/03/05  Afghanistan: Security for President Karzai and Abdurrashid Dostam
--03/03/05  U.S. Contribution to Afghanistan Winter Emergency Needs

--12/02/04  Vice President and Mrs. Cheney to lead U.S. Delegation to Afghanistan Inauguration
--11/03/04  Afghanistan: Election of New President
--10/09/04  Elections in Afghanistan
--10/02/04  Statement Regarding Opening of National Museum in Kabul, Afghanistan
--09/30/04  Ambassador Khalilzad and President Karzai Open National Women's Dormitory
--09/21/04  United States and Afghanistan Sign Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
--08/10/04  U.S.-Afghan Women's Council Launches Health Initiative to Help Afghan Women Secure a Better Future
--07/09/04  Afghanistan's National Elections
--06/29/04  NATO Expands Presence in Afghanistan
--06/23/04  Report Shows U.S. Programs Help Afghan Women To Secure a Better Future
--05/24/04  Visit of President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan
--05/12/04  United States Embassy in Kabul Responds to Press Report Alleging Abuse
--04/26/04   Afghanistan Teacher Education Project Brings 12 Women to the United States
--03/26/04  Progress in Afghanistan's Reconstruction
--03/20/04  The United States Embassy Celebrates the Inauguration of Kabul Green Week
--03/08/04   Human Rights Watch Report on Afghan Prisoners
--02/20/04  The Film "Osama"
--01/14/04  Afghanistan Priority No. 1 for NATO
--01/04/04  Adoption of New Constitution in Afghanistan

--12/12/03  United States Congratulates Afghanistan on Eve of Constitutional Convention
--11/03/03  Draft Constitution for the New Post-Taliban Afghanistan
--11/03/03  President Bush Commends Congress for Vote to Provide Vital Funds
--09/02/03  USTDA Provides Assistance to Afghanistan in Civil Aviation
--08/21/03  U.S. Provides Additional $9.5 million to Assist Afghan Refugees and Returnees
--08/14/03  Afghanistan: Changes in Provincial Leadership
--08/11/03  NATO Assumes Leadership of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan
--08/11/03  NATO takes on Afghanistan mission
--07/28/03  Afghanistan: Levels of Assistance
--07/24/03  Report Illustrates Quality of Life Has Improved for Afghan Women, Children, and Refugees
--07/10/03  Coordinator for Afghanistan William B. Taylor, Jr.
--07/10/03  Secretary Powell Hosts Third U.S.-Afghan Women's Council Meeting
--07/08/03  USTDA Awards Higher Education Grant In Afghanistan
--06/30/03  Destruction of Stored Landmines in Afghanistan Helps to End Legacy of Suffering by the Taliban
--06/10/03  State Department Pamphlet Highlights International Reconstruction Efforts in Afghanistan
--06/09/03  New Zealand: Assistance to Iraq and Afghanistan
--05/23/03  Department of State Support for Establishment of American Institute for Afghan Studies
--05/21/03  United States Welcomes Afghan Government Agreement on Revenues
--05/01/03  Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage Heralds Reestablishment of Fulbright Program in Afghanistan
--04/29/03  Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage To Announce Key Partnership in Continued Rebuilding of Afghanistan
--04/21/03  Secretary Thompson Helps Open Women's Hospital in Kabul
--04/18/03  NATO's Takeover of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan; Secretary Colin L. Powell; Washington, DC
--04/01/03  Security Situation in Afghanistan
--03/21/03  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell Congratulates the Afghan People on the Occasion of Their New Year
--03/17/03  U.S. Delegation in Brussels to Reaffirm its Commitment to Afghanistan
--03/17/03  USTDA Grant Supports Telecommunications Infrastructure Development in Afghanistan
--03/11/03  Afghanistan: World Bank to Help Revitalize Highway and Aviation Networks
--03/10/03  Afghanistan gets "dot-af" Internet domain
--03/06/03  Afghanistan: Focus on Rebuilding Irrigation
--02/27/03  Joint Statement Between the United States of America and Afghanistan
--02/27/03  Secretary Thompson Renews Commitment to Promote Health in Afghanistan in Meeting with President Karzai
--02/27/03  U.S. Government Announces Plan for 1,000 New Schools for Afghanistan Children
--02/05/03  Visit of President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan
--01/30/03  Afghan Authorities Cooperate in Developing Green Agenda for Reconstruction Efforts
--01/29/03  U.S. Contributes Additional Support for Winterization Assistance in Afghanistan
--01/27/03  HHS Secretary Thompson Announces $5 Million to Improve Maternal and Child Health in Afghanistan
--01/24/03  Afghan Minister of Mines and Industries Discusses Oil and Gas Development at USTDA Business Briefing
--01/13/03  Afghanistan: Duty-Free Tariff
--01/06/03  Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs Dobriansky To Lead Delegation to Afghanistan

--12/23/02  Afghanistan's Good Neighborly Relations Declaration Caps One Year of Solid Achievement
--12/16/02  Joint Statement Between the United States of America and Negara Brunei Darussalam
--11/18/02  Remarks at Central Bank of Afghanistan; Paul O'Neill, Secretary of the Treasury; Kabul, Afghanistan
--11/15/02  Statement of Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill on Upcoming Trip to Southwest Asia
--11/10/02  President Bush Welcomes Highway Construction in Afghanistan
--10/25/02  Estimated Poppy Cultivation in Afghanistan
--07/06/02  Assassination of Haji Abdul Qadir
--07/02/02  Department of State Removes Afghanistan from the International Traffic in Arms Regulations Proscribed List
--07/01/02  U.S. Contributes $18.7 Million for Afghanistan Recovery
--06/20/02  Turkey Assumes Command of International Security Assistance Force
--05/23/02  Coordinator for Afghanistan: Ambassador David T. Johnson
--04/26/02  Afghanistan Emergency: U.S. Contribution of $4.8 Million
--04/26/02  Joint Press Statement of the U.S.-Russia Working Group on Afghanistan
--04/25/02  Inaugural Session of the U.S.-Afghan Women's Council Announces Computer Education Program for Afghan Women
--04/03/02  U.S. Contributes $22.5 Million to International Organizations to Assist with the Recovery of Afghanistan
--02/08/02  Joint Statement by U.S.-Russia Working Group on Afghanistan
--01/29/02  USAID Signing Ceremony; Paula J. Dobriansky, Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs; Remarks at USAID Signing Ceremony; Washington, DC
--01/25/02  Embassy of Afghanistan Flag Raising Ceremony
--01/25/02  Taken Question From Under Secretary Larson's Briefing On Afghanistan
--01/18/02  Afghanistan: U.S. Contributes Additional $19,125,000
--01/16/02  Afghanistan Bans Opium Poppy Cultivation

--12/18/01  Afghanistan: U.S. Delegation to Afghan Interim Authority
--12/14/01  Afghanistan: Reopening of US Mission
--12/13/01  State Department Panel on Religious Reconciliation and Tolerance in Afghanistan
--12/10/01  Special Press Briefing on Humanitarian Assistance to Afghanistan Monday, December 10, 2001 at 2:15 p.m.
--12/07/01  New Time For The Briefing On Afghanistan
--11/23/01  Summary of U.S. Assistance to the Afghan People Since Oct. 1, 2001
--11/20/01  Press Coverage for the Working Session on Reconstruction of Afghanistan
--11/16/01  The Taliban's War Against Women
--11/15/01  Senior Officials Meeting on Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan
--11/14/01  Afghanistan: Status of US Embassy
--11/14/01  Special Press Briefing on U.S. Aid to Afghanistan
--11/14/01  U.S. Contributes Additional $4 Million Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan
--11/10/01  Overland Humanitarian Assistance to Afghanistan
--11/01/01  Reports of Americans Captured by the Taliban
--11/01/01  U.S.-Russia Working Group on Afghanistan Joint Press Statement
--10/26/01  Afghanistan Emergency: U.S. Disbursement of $18.1 Million
--10/26/01  Response to the Refugee Crisis in Afghanistan
--10/25/01  Briefing On Us Humanitarian Assistance To The People Of Afghanistan
--10/22/01  Afghanistan Emergency: U.S. Contributes $10 Million to UN High Commissioner for Refugees
--10/04/01  Special Briefing on US Assistance to Afghan Refugees
--10/03/01  Afghanistan: US Support For Opposition?
--09/27/01  Afghanistan: Visas for Taliban
--09/25/01  Afghanistan: U.S. Meeting With Former King
--08/07/01  Americans Detained in Afghanistan 


--06/14/01  Afghanistan: World Food Program Closure of Bakeries in Kabul
--05/31/01  Afghanistan: U.S. Considering Help for Opposition?
--05/25/01  U.S.-Russia Working Group On Afghanistan
--05/25/01  U.S.-Russia Working Group on Afghanistan (Taken Question)
--05/16/01  Briefing on New U.S. Humanitarian Assistance for Afghanistan
--05/03/01  Briefing on Afghanistan
--02/27/01  Afghanistan: Ordered Destruction of Cultural Treasures
--01/31/01  Afghanistan: United States Food Donation

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