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Foreign Relations of the United States
Volumes Online

Volumes Online

Volumes Online

Nixon-Ford Administrations (1969-1976)

Volume I, Foundations of Foreign Policy, 1969-1972
Volume II, Organization and Management of U.S. Foreign Policy, 1969-1972
Volume III, Foreign Economic Policy; International Monetary Policy, 1969-1972
Volume IV, Foreign Assistance, International Development, Trade Policies, 1969-1972
Volume V, United Nations, 1969-1972
Volume VI, Vietnam, January 1969-July 1970
Volume XI, South Asia Crisis, 1971
Volume XII, Soviet Union, January 1969-October 1970
Volume XIV, Soviet Union, October 1971-May 1972
Volume XVII, China, 1969-1972
Volume XVIII, China, 1973-1976

Volume XX, Southeast Asia, 1969-1972
Volume XXIV, Middle East Region and Arabian Peninsula, 1969-1972; Jordan, September 1970
Volume XXIX, Eastern Europe; Eastern Mediterranean, 1969-1972

Volume XXX, Greece; Cyprus; Turkey, 1973-1976
Volume XXXIX, European Security, 1969-1976
Volume XL, Germany and Berlin, 1969-1972
Volume E-1, Documents on Global Issues, 1969-1972
Volume E-2, Documents on Arms Control and Nonproliferation, 1969-1972
Volume E-4, Documents on Iran and Iraq, 1969-1972

Volume E-5, Documents on Africa, 1969-1972
Volume E-6, Documents on Africa, 1973-1976
Volume E-7, Documents on South Asia, 1969-1972
Volume E-8, Documents on South Asia, 1973-1976
Volume E-13, Documents on China, 1969-1976
Volume E-14, Part 1, Documents on the United Nations, 1973-1976
Volume E-15, Part 1, Documents on Eastern Europe, 1973-1976

Johnson Administration (1964-1968)

Volume I, Vietnam, 1964
Volume II, Vietnam, January through June 1965
Volume III, Vietnam, June through December 1965
Volume IV, Vietnam, 1966
Volume V, Vietnam, 1967
Volume VI, Vietnam, January-August 1968
Volume VII, Vietnam, September 1968-January 1969
Volume VIII, International Monetary and Trade Policy
Volume IX, International Development and Economic Defense Policy; Commodities
Volume X, National Security Policy
Volume XI, Arms Control and Disarmament
Volume XII, Western Europe
Volume XIII, Western Europe Region
Volume XIV, Soviet Union
Volume XV, Germany and Berlin
Volume XVI, Cyprus; Greece; Turkey
Volume XVII, Eastern Europe
Volume XVIII, Arab-Israeli Dispute, 1964-67
Volume XIX, Arab-Israeli Crisis and War, 1967
Volume XX, Arab-Israeli Dispute, 1967-68
Volume XXI, Near East Region; Arabian Peninsula
Volume XXII, Iran
Volume XXIV, Africa
Volume XXV, South Asia
Volume XXVI, Indonesia; Malaysia-Singapore; Philippines
Volume XXVII, Mainland Southeast Asia; Regional Affairs
Volume XXVIII, Laos
Volume XXIX, Part1, Korea
Volume XXIX, Part 2, Japan
Volume XXX, China
Volume XXXI, South and Central America; Mexico
Volume XXXII, Dominican Republic; Cuba; Haiti; Guyana
Volume XXXIII, Organization and Management of Foreign Policy; United Nations
Volume XXXIV, Energy Diplomacy and Global Issues

Kennedy Administration (1961-1963)

Volume I, Vietnam, 1961
Volume II, Vietnam, 1962
Volume III, Vietnam, January-August, 1963
Volume IV, Vietnam, August-December 1963
Volume V, Soviet Union
Volume VI, Kennedy-Khrushchev Exchanges
Volume IX, Foreign Economic Policy
Volume X, Cuba 1961-1962
Volume XI, Cuban Missile Crisis and Aftermath
Volume XIV, Berlin Crisis, 1961-1962
Volume XVII, Near East, 1961-1962
Volume XVIII, Near East, 1962-1963
Volume XXII, Northeast Asia
Volume XXV, Organization of Foreign Policy; Information Policy; United Nations; Scientific Matters

Eisenhower Administration (1953-1961)

1952-1954, Volume IV, The American Republics (Guatemala Compilation)
1952-1954, Guatemala
1958-60, Volume X, Part 1, Eastern Europe Region; Soviet Union; Cyprus

Truman Administration

1945-1950, Emergence of the Intelligence Establishment
1950-1955, The Intelligence Community

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