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Foreign Relations, Guatemala, 1952-1954
Released by the Office of the Historian

Persons and Pseudonyms

Note: Pseudonyms are in parentheses following real names. Pseudonyms whose identities have not been released are so indicated.

Acheson, Dean G., Secretary of State January 19, 1949-January 20, 1953

Arbenz Guzman, Jacobo, President of Guatemala March 15, 1951-June 27, 1954

Ascham, Robert A., pseudonym for Allen Dulles

Bannister, Earl D., (pseudonym, identity not released)

Barnes, Tracy (Playdon, William D.), Chief of the Political and Psychological Staff, Directorate for Plans, Central Intelligence Agency

Berry, Lampton J., Deputy Operations Coordinator, Department of State

Bissell, Richard M. (Lynade, Pinckney E.), Deputy Director of Central Intelligence

Bruce, David K.E., Under Secretary of State April 1952-January 1953

Burnette, Cyrus E. (pseudonym, identity not released)

Cabell, General Charles P. (Ordway), Deputy Director of Central Intelligence after April 1953

Cabot, John M., Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs February 27, 1953-April 1954

Cadick, Irving G., (pseudonym, identity not released)

Calligeris, John H., pseudonym for Carlos Castillo Armas

Castillo Armas, Colonel Carlos, President of the Guatemalan Junta from July 8, 1954; President of Guatemala September 2, 1954-July 26, 1957

Clower, Wilfred O. (pseudonym, identity not released)

Cordova Cerna, Juan, lawyer for United Fruit Company in Guatemala; supporter of Castillo Armas

Diaz, Colonel Carlos Enrique, Guatemalan Army Chief of Staff; President of Guatemala June 27-28, 1954; member of military junta June 28-29, 1954

Dulles, Allen (Ascham, Robert A.), Deputy Director of Central Intelligence until February 26, 1953; thereafter Director of Central Intelligence

Dulles, John Foster, consultant to the Secretary of State until April 1952; Secretary of State after January 21, 1953

Dunbar, Jerome C. (pseudonym, identity not released)

Earman, J.S., senior assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence

Edwards, Colonel Sheffield (USA), Assistant Deputy Director of Administration for Inspection and Security, Central Intelligence Agency, after March 1952

Eisenhower, Dwight D., President of the United States

Esterline, Jacob D., Western Hemisphere Division, PBSUCCESS

Fortuny, José Manuel, leader of the Partido Guatemalteco del Trabajo until June 1954

Galbond, Oliver G., pseudonym for Colonel J.C. King

Gutiérrez, Victor Manuel, leader of the Confederacion General de Trabajadores de Guatemala

Hedden, Stuart, Inspector General, Central Intelligence Agency, until April 1953

Hediger, Donald (pseudonym, identity not released)

Helms, Richard, Chief of Operations, Directorate of Plans, Central Intelligence Agency

Holland, Henry F., Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs March 2, 1954-September 13, 1956

Hunt, E. Howard (Walter C. Twicker), case officer and Chief, Propaganda Branch, Central Intelligence Agency

King, Colonel J.C. (Oliver G. Galbond), Chief of the Western Hemisphere Division, Directorate of Operations, Central Intelligence Agency

Langevin, Paul D., pseudonym for David Atlee Phillips

Leddy, Raymond G., Officer in Charge of Central American and Panama Affairs, Office of Middle American Affairs, Department of State, from January 1953

Lynade, Pinckney E., pseudonym for Richard M. Bissell

Magoffin, Francis D. (pseudonym, identity not released)

Mann, Thomas C., Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs November 1950-July 1953

Martinez, Major Alfonso (retired), Director of the National Agrarian Department in the Arbenz government 1952-1954

Miller, Edward G., Jr., Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs June 1949-December 1952

Monzon, Colonel Elfego, member of military junta of Guatemala June 28-29, July 3-September 1, 1954; leader of military junta June 29-July 3, 1954

Ontrich, Matthew H. (pseudonym, identity not released)

Ordway, pseudonym for General Charles P. Cabell

Page, Graham L. (pseudonym, identity not released)

Peurifoy, John E., Ambassador to Guatemala November 1953-October 1954

Phillips, David Atlee (Paul D. Langevin), Field Director, Operation SHERWOOD

Pivall, Vincent C. (pseudonym, identity not released)

Playdon, William D., pseudonym for Tracy Barnes

Princep, Stirling D. (pseudonym, identity not released)

Reelfoot, Allen N. (pseudonym, identity not released)

Restrepo, Julio (pseudonym, identity not released)

Roosevelt, Kermit, senior official, Central Intelligence Agency

Schoenfeld, Rudolf E., Ambassador to Guatemala until October 19, 1953

Seekford, Jacob R. (pseudonym, identity not released)

Smith, General Walter Bedell (Starke), Director of Central Intelligence from October 7, 1950; Under Secretary of State February 9, 1953-October 1, 1954

Somoza Garcia, Anastasio, President of Nicaragua May 1951-September 1956

Starke, pseudonym for General Walter Bedell Smith

Tofte, Major Hans V., member of the Psychological and Paramilitary Operations Staff, Deputy Directorate of Plans, Central Intelligence Agency

Toriello Garrido, Guillermo, Guatemalan Ambassador to the United States September 1952-May 1954; Guatemalan Minister of Foreign Affairs January-July 1954

Trujillo, Molina Rafael L., President of the Dominican Republic until August 1952; Secretary of State for Foreign Relations March-August 1953

Truman, Harry S, President of the United States until January 1953

Twicker, Walter C., pseudonym for E. Howard Hunt

Wellbank, Clayton S. (pseudonym, identity not released)

Whiting, Harold S., pseudonym for Frank Wisner

Willauer, Whiting, Ambassador to Honduras from March 5, 1954

Wisner, Frank (Harold S. Whiting), Deputy Director for Plans, Central Intelligence Agency

Ydigoras Fuentes, General Miguel, Guatemalan presidential candidate during 1950 elections

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