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Foreign Relations, 1964-1968, Volume VII, Vietnam, September 1968-January 1969
Released by the Office of the Historian


Sources for the Foreign Relations Series

The Foreign Relations statute requires that the published record in the Foreign Relations series include all records needed to provide comprehensive documentation on major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant U.S. diplomatic activity. It further requires that government agencies, departments, and other entities of the U.S. Government engaged in foreign policy formulation, execution, or support cooperate with the Department of State Historian by providing full and complete access to records pertinent to foreign policy decisions and actions and by providing copies of selected records. Most of the sources consulted in the preparation of this volume have been declassified and are available for review at the National Archives and Records Administration.

The editors of the Foreign Relations series have complete access to all the retired records and papers of the Department of State: the central files of the Department; the special decentralized files ("lot files") of the Department at the bureau, office, and division levels; the files of the Department's Executive Secretariat, which contain the records of international conferences and high-level official visits, correspondence with foreign leaders by the President and Secretary of State, and memoranda of conversations between the President and Secretary of State and foreign officials; and the files of overseas diplomatic posts. All the Department's indexed central files for these years have been permanently transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration at College Park, Maryland (Archives II). Most of the Department's decentralized office (or lot) files covering this period, which the National Archives deems worthy of permanent retention, have been transferred to Archives II.

The editors of the Foreign Relations series also have full access to the papers of President Lyndon B. Johnson, President Richard Nixon, and other White House foreign policy records. Presidential papers maintained and preserved at the Presidential libraries include some of the most significant foreign affairs-related documentation from the Department of State and other Federal agencies including the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The editors of the series also had full access to the files of the Department of Defense, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and to the records of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Sources for Foreign Relations, 1964-1968, Volume VII

In preparing this volume, the editor made extensive use of Presidential papers and other White House records at the Lyndon B. Johnson Library. The large Vietnam Country File within the National Security File was one of the most important sources. Other useful components of the National Security File were the Files of Walt Rostow and Memoranda to the President. For Johnson's meetings on Vietnam, the Tom Johnson Notes were the most valuable collection, although Meeting Notes Files and the National Security Council File, National Security Council Meetings were also useful. The Johnson tape recordings of both telephone conversations and meetings in the Cabinet Room, were another key source from the Johnson Library. In fact, this volume relies more heavily upon Johnson Presidential recordings than any previous volume in the 1964-1968 subseries. The Papers of Clark Clifford and George Elsey, were also valuable. In addition, the editor researched files of the Nixon Presidential Materials at the National Archives, College Park, Maryland. The most valuable files were the National Security Council Files, Paris Talks/Meetings, and Kissinger Office Files, Kissinger Administrative and Staff Files, Transition.

Second in importance to the records at the Johnson Library were the records of the Department of State in Record Group 59 at the National Archives at College Park, Maryland. The most important were the A/IM Files of Averell Harriman and Cyrus Vance, Lot 93 D 82, which contain telegraphic and other reports of their discussions at Paris. Other Department of State records at Archives II of value were the IS/OIS files relating to the records of the Paris Peace Conference, Lot 90 D 345, and Ambassador Bunker's personal files, Lot 74 D 417. The Central Files of the Department of State in Record Group 59 that were of most value were POL 27 VIET S, the central file for military operations that became a catchall for information on Vietnam, and POL 14 VIET/OHIO, a file relating to peace negotiations.

Of the records at the Department of Defense, which were viewed at the Washington National Records Center, the most significant was the official files of Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford, OSD Files, FRC 73 A 1250.

At the Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, the Averell Harriman Papers proved a most valuable collection.

For intelligence issues, DCI (Helms) Files, the DCI Executive Registry Subject Files, the Files of DCI's Special Assistant for Vietnam, George Carver, and some Directorate of Operations Files at the Central Intelligence Agency, proved useful.

Almost all of this documentation has been made available for use in the Foreign Relations series thanks to the consent of the agencies mentioned, the assistance of their staffs, and especially the cooperation and support of the National Archives and Records Administration.

The following list identifies the particular files and collections consulted in the preparation of this volume. The declassification and transfer to the National Archives of the Department of State records are in process, and many of those records are already available for public review at the National Archives.

Unpublished Sources

Department of State

Central Files. See National Archives and Records Administration below.

Lot Files. For other lot files already transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration at College Park, Maryland, Record Group 59, see National Archives and Records Administration below.

INR/EAP Files: Lot 90 D 99
National and Special Intelligence Estimates, 1952-1985.

INR/IL Historical Files
Historical Intelligence files maintained in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research and still under Department of State custody.

INR/REA Files: Lot 90 D 99
National Intelligence Estimates and Special National Intelligence Estimates, 1952-1985.

INR/RSB Files: Lot 90 D 320
Soviet-Asia relations, 1965-1978.

National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland

Record Group 59, Records of the Department of State

Subject-Numeric Central File. The subject-numeric system is divided into broad categories: Administration, Consular, Culture and Information, Economic, Political and Defense, Science, and Social. Within each of these divisions are subject subcategories. For example, Political and Defense contains four subtopics: POL (Politics), DEF (Defense), CSM (Communism), and INT (Intelligence). Numerical subdivisions further define the subtopics. The following are the principal files consulted for this volume:

AID (US) VIET S, U.S. aid to South Vietnam
DEF 4 SEATO, Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
E US-VIET S, economic relations, U.S.-South Vietnam
E VIET S, economic affairs, South Vietnam
E 12 VIET S, land reform, South Vietnam
FN 12 VIET S, balance of payments, South Vietnam
ORG SAIGON, organization and administration, Saigon Embassy
POL IT-US, political relations, U.S.-Italy
POL 17 NOR CHICOM, diplomatic representation, Norway-China
POL 17-1 NOR-US, accreditation, U.S.-Norway
POL NOR-VIET N, political relations, Norway-North Vietnam
POL UK-US, political relations, U.S.-United Kingdom
POL 7 US, visits and meetings of U.S. officials
POL 15-1 US/JOHNSON, Head of State, the President
POL 27 US/HUMPHREY, Vice President's assessment of military affairs
POL US-USSR, political relations, U.S.-Soviet Union
POL 1 US-USSR, general policy, U.S.-Soviet Union
POL 17 US-VIET N, diplomatic representation, U.S.-North Vietnam
POL 15-1 VAT, correspondence and meetings with the Pope
POL 27-7 VIET, prisoners of war, Vietnam
POL 27-12 VIET, war crimes, Vietnam
POL 27-14 VIET/ASPEN, peace negotiations code named Aspen
POL 27-14 VIET/BAMBOO, peace negotiations code named Bamboo
POL 27-14 VIET/CROCODILE, peace negotiations code named Crocodile
POL 27-14 VIET/KILLY, peace negotiations code named Killy
POL 27-14 VIET/LION, peace negotiations code named Lion
POL 27-14 VIET/MARIGOLD, peace negotiations code named Marigold
POL 27-14 VIET/NIRVANA, peace negotiations code named Nirvana
POL 27-14 VIET/OHIO, peace negotiations code named Ohio
POL 17 VIET N, diplomatic and consular representation, North Vietnam
POL 1 VIET S, general policy, South Vietnam
POL 1-1 VIET S, contingency planning, South Vietnam
POL 12 VIET S, political parties, South Vietnam
POL 15 VIET S, Government of South Vietnam
POL 15-1 VIET S, head of state/executive branch, South Vietnam
POL 23-9 VIET S, civil disturbances and revolts, South Vietnam
POL 27 VIET S, military operations, South Vietnam
POL 27 VIET S/MARIA, cease fires, South Vietnam
POL 27-7 VIET S/BUTTERCUP, prisoner exchanges, South Vietnam
POL 27-14 VIET S, truce talks, South Vietnam
POL 30 VIET S, defections, South Vietnam
REF VIET, refugees, Vietnam
REF VIET N, refugees, North Vietnam

Lot Files

A/IM Files: Lot 93 D 82
Correspondence, telegrams, and records of meetings of HARVAN (Harriman and Vance) mission to the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam, 1968-1969. Includes background material on Vietnam peace negotiations 1962-1969.

AmEmbassy-Saigon Files: Lot 75 F 193
Files and telegrams from classified and unclassified central subject files of the American Embassy in Saigon, 1950-1974.

Bundy Files: Lot 85 D 240
Files of William P. Bundy as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, 1964-1969.

Bunker Files: Lot 74 D 417
Files of Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, including telegrams, personal and presidential messages, and correspondence, 1967-1973.

Bunker Files: Lot 77 D 146
Files containing Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker's official and personal correspondence, speeches and statements, interviews, and briefing books, 1967-1973.

EA Files: Lot 74 D 246
Records relating to the Paris Peace Negotiations on Vietnam, 1966-1973.

EA Files: Lot 71 D 10
Files on the Paris Peace Talks, 1966-1968.

EA Files: Lot 72 D 33
Background papers on Asia, 1967-1968.

EA/ACA Files: Lot 69 D 128
Files of weekly reports on Vietnam peace negotiations, 1967-1968.

EA/ACA Files: Lot 72 D 175
Miscellaneous files of the Asian Communist Affairs Office, 1961-1969.

EA/VN Files: Lot 72 D 207
Files on the Manila Summit, the Clifford-Taylor trip to Southeast Asia, the Tet Offensive, and background material, 1964-1968.

EA/VN Files: Lot 73 D 141
General files of the Interagency Vietnam Working Group.

EA/VN Files: Lot 73 D 461
Files on politics, defense, rural development, and elections in South Vietnam, 1967-1969.

EA/VN Files: Lot 74 D 51
Military files containing the record of the air war in Vietnam, 1963-1970.

EA/VN Files: Lot 75 D 167
Files on Vietnamese political-military affairs and meetings and trips of senior U.S. Government officials with Vietnamese and Asian leaders, 1963-1969.

EA/VN Files: Lot 75 D 303
Files relating to the Free World Assistance in Vietnam, 1963-1971.

INR/REA/SA Files: Lot 75 D 352
South Vietnam Country files, 1968-1970.

IS/OIS Files: Lot 90 D 345
Chronological records of the Paris Peace Conference, 1968-1969.

IS/OIS Files: Lot 92 D 306
Telegrams transmitting the weekly reports of Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker to the President, 1967-1973.

Johnson Files: Lot 90 D 410
Files of Ambassador U. Alexis Johnson, 1958-1973.

Katzenbach Files: Lot 74 D 271
Files of Under Secretary of State Nicholas Katzenbach, 1966-1969.

Kohler Files: Lot 71 D 460
Files of Deputy Under Secretary for Political Affairs Foy Kohler concerning his discussions with Ambassador Anatoliy Dobrynin, 1967-1968; discussions between Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko, 1962-1968.

Komer Files: Lot 69 D 303
Files of Robert W. Komer, 1949-1969.

Rusk Files: Lot 72 D 192
Files of Secretary of State Dean Rusk, 1961-1969, including texts of speeches, miscellaneous correspondence files, White House correspondence, chronological files, and memoranda of telephone conversations.

S-AH Files: Lot 71 D 461
Files of Ambassador at Large W. Averell Harriman concerning Vietnam peace negotiating channels, 1967-1968.

S/S-I Files: Lot 72 D 316
National Security Action Memoranda Nos.1-371, 1961-1968.

S/S-I Files: Lot 72 D 318
National Security Council meeting memoranda and agenda, 1966-1968.

S/S-S Files: Lot 68 D 453
International conference chronologies and briefing papers, 1967-1968, including background material for the Vice President's East Asian trip, Ambassador at Large W. Averell Harriman's Near Eastern and European trip, and the President's visit to Australia.

S/S-S Files: Lot 69 D 217
Administrative history of the Johnson administration; foreign policy fact books for Republican candidates; transition books, 1968.

S/S-S Files: Lot 70 D 207
Vietnam briefing books and reports, contingency studies, and background papers on negotiations, 1965-1968.

S/S-S Files: Lot 70 D 48
Miscellaneous Vietnam reports and briefing books, 1949-1968, including briefing books on negotiating initiatives and Senate committee reports.

S/S-S Files: Lot 71 D 228
Transition books for the incoming Nixon administration, December 1968.

S/S-S Files: Lot 76 D 435
U.S./U.S.S.R. conversations on Vietnam and Southeast Asia, 1961-1968.

Record Group 84, Records of the Foreign Service Posts of the United States

Saigon Embassy files of Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, 1967-1973

Record Group 200, Records of Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, 1961-1968

Record Group 273, Records of the National Security Council

National Security Action Memorandums

Record Group 407, Records of the U.S. Army Adjutant General's Office

Westmoreland v. CBS Litigation Collection, 1966-1972

Record Group 472, Records of the U.S. Army in Southeast Asia

Headquarters, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
Command Information Publications
Assistant Chief of Staff
Office of Civil Operations for Revolutionary Development
Office Files, 1966-1969
Phung Huang Directorate
Plans, Policy, and Programs Directorate

Central Intelligence Agency, Langley, Virginia

William Colby Files, Job 80-M01009A

DCI (Helms) Files, Jobs 80-R01580R, 80-B01721R, 80-R01720R, 80-M01044A, 80-B01285A, 85-T00268R

DDI Files, Job 80-B01721R

DDO/ISS Files, Jobs 78-32, 78-06425A, 78-0064235A

DO/EA Files, Jobs 79-00207A, 80-00088A, 80-00106A

Executive Registry Subject Files, Jobs 80-R51580R, 80-R01284A

O/DDI Files, Job 78-T02095R

SAVA (Carver) Files, Jobs 80-R01284R, 80-R012850R, 80-R01720R

Lyndon B. Johnson Library, Austin, Texas

Papers of President Lyndon B. Johnson

National Security File
Agency File
Country File
Intelligence File
International Meetings and Travel File
Files of Robert Komer
Head of State Correspondence
Special Head of State Correspondence
Komer-Leonhart File
Memos to the President
Name File
National Intelligence Estimates
National Security Action Memorandums
National Security Council Histories
National Security Council Meetings File
Files of Walt Rostow
Files of Bromley Smith
South Vietnam and U.S. Politics
Speech File
Subject File
Unarranged Files

Office Files of the White House Aides

George Christian
James R. Jones
Harry McPherson

Special Files

Meeting Notes File
Office of the President File
President's Appointment File (Diary Backup)
Recordings and Transcripts of Telephone Conversations
Reference File--Vietnam
Transcripts of Meetings in the Cabinet Room

White House Central Files

Confidential File
Subject File
Reference Files, Vietnam

Other Personal Papers

Clark Clifford Papers

George Elsey Papers

Alain Enthoven Papers

Morton Halperin Papers

Tom Johnson's Notes of Meetings

William Jorden Papers

Oral History Collection

Dean Rusk Papers, Personal Appointment Books

Paul C. Warnke Papers, John McNaughton Files

William C. Westmoreland Papers

Department of Defense, Washington, D.C.

Official Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Southeast Asia Files, 1966-1968.

Nixon Presidential Materials Project

National Security File

Agency Files
Name Files
Paris Talks/Meetings
HAK Office Files, Country Files, Far East, Vietnam, Negotiations

National Security Council, Washington, D.C.

Johnson Administration Intelligence Files including records of the 303 Committee

Washington National Records Center, Suitland, Maryland

Record Group 330, Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense

McNamara Files: FRC 71 A 3470
Files of Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, 1961-1968.

McNamara Vietnam Files: FRC 77-0075
Vietnam Files of Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, 1961-1968.

OSD Files: FRC 72 A 2467-2468, FRC 73 A 1250
Office of the Secretary of Defense Files.

OSD/General Counsel Files: FRC 75 A 0062
Files on the Pentagon Papers.

OSD/OASD/ISA Files: FRC 71 A 4919, FRC 69 A 6216, FRC 72 A 1498-1499, FRC 72 A 7500-7515, FRC 73 A 1350-1352, FRC 83 A 0119-0129
Files of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs.

Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Washington, D.C.

W. Averell Harriman Papers

Paul H. Nitze Papers

Henry A. Kissinger Papers

National Defense University, Washington, D.C.

Andrew Goodpaster Papers

Lyman Lemnitzer Papers

Maxwell Taylor Papers

U.S. Army Center of Military History, Washington, D.C.

Robert Komer Papers

Files of the Deputy for Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam.

William Colby Papers

Creighton Abrams Papers

Thomas Thayer Papers

William C. Westmoreland Papers

History File, History Backup, and COMUSMACV Message Files, 1964-1968.

U.S. Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania

Army Chiefs of Staff Collection

Creighton Abrams Papers

William DePuy Papers

Richard Gard Papers

Harold K. Johnson Papers

Bruce Palmer Papers

John Paul Vann Papers

William C. Westmoreland Papers

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Headquarters Archive

Douglas Pike Collection

Published Sources

Documentary Collections

Barrett, David M. Lyndon B. Johnson's Vietnam Papers: A Documentary Collection. College Station, Texas: Texas A & M University Press, 1997.

Council on Foreign Relations. Documents on American Foreign Relations, 1968-69. New York: New York University Press, 1972.

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The Pentagon Papers: The Department of Defense History of United States Decisionmaking on Vietnam, The Senator Gravel Edition. 4 vols. Boston: Beacon Press, 1971.

Pike, Douglas, ed. The Bunker Papers: Reports to the President From Vietnam, 1967-1973. 3 vols. Berkeley, California: University of California Press, 1990.

U.S. Department of State, Department of State Bulletin, 1968-1969. Washington, 1968-1969.

U.S. House of Representatives, Armed Services Committee, United States-Vietnam Relations, 1945-1967: Study Prepared by the Department of Defense. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1971.

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Lyndon B. Johnson, 1968-69. 2 vols. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1970.


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