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Foreign Relations 1964-1968, Volume XXVI, Indonesia; Malaysia-Singapore; Philippines  
Released by the Office of the Historian


Abbreviations and Terms

AA, Afro-Asian
AACC, Afro-Asian Conciliation Commission
AAO, Army Attache Office
ADB, Asian Development Bank
AEC, Atomic Energy Commission
AF, Air Force
AFP, Armed Forces of the Philippines
AFS, American Friends Service
AG, Attorney General
AID, Agency for International Development
AIDTO, series indictor for telegrams from AID
ALUSNA, American Legation, U.S. Naval Attache
AN, Aviation Negotiations Division, Bureau of Economic Affairs, Department of State
ANSOR, youth affiliate of the NU
ANZUS, Australia, New Zealand, United States
AP, Associated Press
APO, American Post Office
ASA, Association for Southeast Asia
ASEAN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ASPAC, Associated States of the Pacific

BCT, battalion combat team
BNA, Office of British Commonwealth and Northern European Affairs
BPI, Indonesian Intelligence Organization headed by Subandrio

CAB, Clark Air Base (Philippines)
CASP, Country Analysis and Strategy Paper
CCC, Commodity Credit Corporation
CCO, Corps Commando (Indonesian Navy amphibian regiment) also KKO
CHICOM, Chinese Communists
CHJUSMAGPHIL, Chief, Military Advisory Group, Philippines
CIA, Central Intelligence Agency
CIAP, Comite Interamericana de la Alianza para el Progreso (Inter-American Alliance for Progress Committee)
CINCPAC, Commander-in-Chief, Pacific
CINCPACREPPHIL, Command in Chief, Pacific's representative in the Philippines
COMSAT, Communications Satellite
CONEFO, Indonesian (Sukarno) acronym for Conference of Newly Emerging Forces
CONUS continental United States
CRS, Catholic Relief Services
CW, continuous wave (radio communications)

DCI, Director of Central Intelligence
DCM, Deputy Chief of Mission
DefAtt, Defense Attache
Depcirtel, Department of State circular telegram
Deptel, Department of State outgoing telegram
DFA, Defense Forces Agreement
DL, development loan
DLG, Defense Liaison Group
DOD, Department of Defense
DTG, date time group

E, Bureau of Economic Affairs
EA, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
EA/IND, Office of Indonesian Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
EA/MS, Office of Malaysia and Singapore Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
EA/PHIL (EA/PHL), Office of Philippines Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Department of State
EA/RA, Office of Regional Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Department of State
EA/TB, Office of Thailand and Burma Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Department of State
ECAFE, Economic Commission on Asia and the Far East
ECB, Engineer Construction Battalion
Embtel, Embassy telegram
EUR, Bureau of European Affairs, Department of State
Exdis, Exclusive distribution
EX-IM, Export-Import Bank

FAM, Foreign Affairs Manual
FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBIS, Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FE, Far East; Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs, Department of State
FELG, Far East Liaison Group
FER, Far East Region
FY, fiscal year
FYI, for your information

Gestapu, Gerakan September Tigahpiluh (30th of September Movement)
GMT, Greenwich mean time
GNP, gross national product
GOA, Government of Australia
GOI, Government of Indonesia
GOJ, Government of Japan
GOM, Government of Malaysia
GOP, Government of the Philippines
GSA, General Services Administration

H, Bureau of Congressional Relations, Department of State
HK, Hong Kong
hq, headquarters
HMG, Her Majesty's Government
H.R., House Resolution
Huks, Hukbong Magpapalaya Sa Banyan (paramilitary arm of Philippines Communist Party)

IBRD, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)
ICJ, International Court of Justice
IGG, Inter-Governmental Group
IGGI, Inter-Government Group on Indonesia
IM, intelligence memorandum
IMF, International Monetary Fund
INR, Bureau of Intelligence and Research
IO, Bureau of International Organizations
IP-KI (IPKI), Association of Supporters of Indonesian Independence
ISA, International Security Affairs

JAC, Joint Action Command
JCS, Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCSM, Joint Chiefs of Staff memorandum

Kap-Gestapu, anti-30th of September Movement
KL, Kuala Lumpur
KOGAM, Indonesian military organization
KOTI, Komando Operasi Tertinggi (Indonesian Supreme Operational Command)

L, Legal Adviser of the Department of State
Limdis, limited distribution
LP, Liberal Party (Philippines)

M, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
MAP, Military Assistance Program
Maphilindo, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia
Masjumi, Majelis Syoro Muslimin Indonesia (Council of Indonesian Muslim Associations)
MCA, Malaysian Chinese Association
MILTAG, military advisory group
MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MP, member of parliament
MPRS, Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat (People's Consultative Assembly of Indonesia)
MS, Office of Malaysia and Singapore Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Department of State
MYSP, multi-year strategy paper

NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASAKOM, Indonesian (Sukarno) acronym for nationalism, religion, and communism
NATUS, series indicator for U.S. telegrams to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NEFO, Indonesian (Sukarno) acronym for new emerging forces
NEKOLIM, Indonesian (Sukarno) acronym for neo-colonialism-colonialism-imperialism
NIE, National Intelligence Estimate
NLFSVN, National Liberation Front, South Vietnam
Noforn, no foreign distribution
Notal, not to all addresses
NP, Nacionalista (National) Party (Philippines)
NSA, National Security Agency
NSAM, National Security Action Memorandum
NSC, National Security Council
NU, Nahdatul Ulama (Moslem Scholars' Party, Indonesia)
NZ, New Zealand

OASD, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
OCI, Office of Current Intelligence
OR, Office of International Resources, Bureau of Economic Affairs

PAL, Philippines Air Lines
PAP, People's Action Party (of Malaysia)
PBM, Presidential briefing memorandum
PC, Peace Corps; Philippines Constabulary
PCVS, Peace Corps volunteers
PD, Presidential determination
Pemuda Pantjasila, Youth of Five Pillars (youth affiliate of the Association of the Supporters of Indonesia Independence)
PHILCAG, Philippines Civil Action Group (in South Vietnam)
PKI, Partai Komunis Indonesia (Indonesian Communist Party)
PKP, Philippines Communist Party
PL, Public Law
PM, prime minister
PMIP, People's Malay Independence Party
PNI, Partai Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian National Party)
POL, petroleum, oil, and lubricants
POLAD, political adviser
PPP, Peoples' Progressive Party (Philippines)
PSI, Partai Sosialis Indonesia (Indonesian Socialist Party)

RBP, Pemuda Rakjat (Communist Youth Organization, Indonesia)
reftel, reference telegram
RPKAD, paratroop commando unit of the Indonesian Army
RR, Office of Research and Reports (CIA)
R&R, rest and relaxation
RSO, regional security officer
RTG, Royal Thai Government

SC, Security Council (of the United Nations)
SEA, Southeast Asia
SEATO, Southeast Treaty Organization
SNIE, Special National Intelligence Estimate
SPA, Office of Southwest Pacific Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Department of State
SVN, South Vietnam

TF, task force
TOUSI, series indicator for USIS telegrams to the U.S. Information Agency

UAR, United Arab Republic
UDP, United Democratic Party (of Malaysia)
UK, United Kingdom
UMNO, United Malay National Organization
UN, United Nations
UNP, Office of United Nation Political Affairs, Bureau of International Organizations Affairs
UNSC, United Nations Security Council
USDA, United States Department of Agriculture
USG, United States Government
USIA, United States Information Agency
USIS, United States Information Service
USITO, series indicator for USIS telegrams from the missions
USUN, United States Mission at the United Nations

VIPTO, series indicator for telegrams from Vice President Humphrey
VN, Vietnam
VOA, Voice of America
VP, Vice President

WMO, World Meteorological Organization


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