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--03/30/01  Belarus: Prosecutions Following Belarusian Freedom Day
--03/30/01  New Visa Requirement for Colombians Transiting the United States
--03/29/01  China - Access to Gao Zhan
--03/29/01  Fiji - Trial of Speight and Accomplices Will Proceed
--03/29/01  IBM Lawsuit and Opening of Holocaust-era Corporate Archives
--03/29/01  Pending Nazi Era Lawsuit Against German Banks
--03/28/01  Israeli Attacks Against Palestinian Authority
--03/27/01  State Department and Smithsonian Museum Collaborate on U.S. Role in Trilateral Art Exhibition for the Web
--03/27/01  U.S.-Republic of Korea-Japan Joint Press Statement
--03/26/01  Bomb Attacks in Southern Russia
--03/26/01  U.S.-Russian Law Enforcement Cooperation Cracks Child Pornography Ring
--03/23/01  Access to the Vietnamese Central Highlands
--03/22/01  Expulsion of Russian Intelligence Officers
--03/22/01  Secretary Powell Travel to Key West Peace Talks
--03/22/01  Secretary Powell to Address National Newspaper Association Conference
--03/21/01  China - Visit of Vice Premier Qian Qichen
--03/21/01  Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group to meet March 26, 2001
--03/20/01  China Missile Agreement (Taken Question)
--03/20/01  Haiti: Appeal for Calm
--03/20/01  Meeting of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy
--03/19/01  The United States and Mexico Agree on a Framework For Mexico to Deliver Rio Grande Water to the United States
--03/19/01  United States Condemns Extremist Violence in Macedonia
--03/16/01  Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy Meeting
--03/16/01  Anniversary of the Halabja Massacre
--03/16/01  Department of State: Ambassador Pardew
--03/16/01  Fiji -- Reappointment of Laisenia Qarase as Prime Minister
--03/16/01  New Hope for Landmine Victim
--03/16/01  Secretary Powell to Address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee
--03/15/01  Contribution of German Industry to German Foundation,
--03/15/01  Democratic Republic of the Congo: Disengagement of Forces
--03/14/01  Key West Peace Talks on Nagorno-Karabakh
--03/13/01  Meeting of Advisory Committee on Private International Law Working Group
--03/13/01  Mexico: Efforts to Apprehend Leaders of the Arellano Felix Cartel
--03/13/01  U.S.-Mexico Binational Border Walk in the Arizona/Sonora Border Area
--03/12/01  U.S. Assistance to Colombia; Remarks at Special Briefing ; Washington, DC
--03/12/01  U.S. Assistance to Serbia in FY 2001
--03/12/01  U.S. Welcomes Turkey-Azerbaijan Gas Purchase Agreement
--03/09/01   2001 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Anchorage, Alaska
--03/09/01  Briefing on Status of U.S. Assistance to Colombia
--03/09/01  China - Visit of Vice Premier Qian Qichen
--03/09/01  Special Briefing on International Affairs Budget
--03/07/01  Program for African Group: "Women and the Law"
--03/07/01  U.S. Court Decision on Holocaust-Era Payments
--03/07/01  U.S. Supports Decision of High Representative for Bosnia to Dismiss from Office Ante Jelavic
--03/05/01  Grant for Iraqi National Congress
--03/05/01  U.S. Judicial System: "The Rule of Law and the Administration of Justice"
--03/04/01  Terrorist Attack in Israel
--03/02/01  Austria: Effective Date of Agreement to Establish a General Settlement Fund
--03/02/01  Mir Space Station Deorbit
--03/02/01  Stanley Karnow to Address 2001 Fulbright Foreign Scholar Washington Conference
--03/01/01  Burma - Secretary's Meeting With UN Special Envoy Razali
--03/01/01  Fiji - Appeals Court Decision
--03/01/01  Report of Attack On UN Relief Base in Southern Sudan
--03/01/01  2000 Narcotics Certification Determinations; Randy Beers, Assistant Secretary for Narcotics and Law Enforcement , Robert Brown, Office of National Drug Control Policy Deputy Director (ONDCP); Remarks at Special Briefing; Washington, DC
--03/01/01  State Department Building Access Policy

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