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--12/31/01  U.S. Designates New Groups Under Terrorism Financing Order
--12/28/01  European Union Action Against Terrorism
--12/28/01  Resignation of Special Representative Hans Haekkerup
--12/21/01  Argentina: U.S. Ambassador's Whereabouts and Activities
--12/21/01  Compensation for Families of Nairobi Bombing Victims
--12/21/01  Somalia: Frequency of Travel to Somalia
--12/21/01  The Energy Partnership between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the United States of America
--12/21/01  United States-Kazakhstan Secure Link Agreement
--12/20/01  Greece: New Aegean Maps
--12/20/01  Streamlined Procedures for Executive Branch Review of Submarine Cable Landing License Requests
--12/19/01  Iranian Protest Over U.S. Maritime Interdiction Force Incident
--12/19/01  More Agricultural Commodities Donated To North Korea
--12/19/01  Pakistan: Status of U.S. Assistance for Border Security
--12/18/01  Afghanistan: U.S. Delegation to Afghan Interim Authority
--12/18/01  Ambassador Kato's Call on the Secretary
--12/18/01  Counter-terrorism Coordinator Ambassador Taylor Visit to South Asia
--12/18/01  Meeting of Advisory Committee On Labor Diplomacy
--12/18/01  Operations at the U.S. Embassy in Burma
--12/17/01  Aaron Miller Returns to Washington
--12/17/01  Assistant Secretary Bohlen Asia Trip
--12/16/01  Chairman Arafat's Address
--12/15/01  General Zinni Departure for Consultations in Washington
--12/14/01  Afghanistan: Reopening of US Mission
--12/14/01  Statement of Concern Regarding Election-Related Violence in Cambodia
--12/14/01  Text of Diplomatic Notes Sent to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine
--12/13/01  Rewards for Justice Program
--12/13/01  State Department Panel on Religious Reconciliation and Tolerance in Afghanistan
--12/13/01  Terrorist Attack on Indian Parliament
--12/13/01  Updated Information About the Press Briefing on the Rewards for Justice Program Media Campaign
--12/12/01  Change in Immigrant Visa Processing for Cambodia
--12/12/01  Revised: Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage Presents Eleanor Roosevelt Award
--12/11/01  Baltic Partnership Commission
--12/11/01  Historic Global Fisheries Agreement Enters into Force
--12/10/01  Human Rights Day, Bill of Rights Day, and Human Rights Week -- December 10-15
--12/10/01  Special Press Briefing on Humanitarian Assistance to Afghanistan Monday, December 10, 2001 at 2:15 p.m.
--12/10/01  U.S.-Kyrgyz Relationship
--12/08/01  On The Record Briefing by Ambassador Boucher
--12/07/01  Certification for the new Police Service of Northern Ireland
--12/07/01  Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr. Appointed Special Representative of the President and Secretary of State for Mine Action
--12/07/01  New Time For The Briefing On Afghanistan
--12/07/01  Visit of Haitian Foreign Minister
--12/07/01  Washington D.C. Passport Agency Dedicates New Passport Processing System
--12/06/01  Statement on the Designation of 39 Organizations on the USA PATRIOT Act's Terrorist Exclusion List
--12/06/01  Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Historical Diplomatic Documentation
--12/04/01  U.S. - Bolivia Agreement Protects Bolivian Archaeological and Ethnological Cultural Property
--12/03/01  Two Groups Added under Executive Order on Extremism in the Western Balkans

--11/30/01  Fulbright Program Alumni Win Nobel Prize
--11/30/01  Joint U.S.-Uzbekistan Statement on Consultations
--11/30/01  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Travel to Europe and Eurasia
--11/30/01  U.S. Efforts Sustain Progress In Humanitarian Mine Action
--11/29/01  Conflict Diamonds
--11/29/01  North Korea: Terrorism Convention
--11/29/01  Treaty Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters
--11/29/01  Joint Press Statement by the Meeting of the Sixteenth U.S.-ASEAN Dialogue in Washington, DC
--11/27/01  Cyprus Talks in Nicosia
--11/27/01  Joint Press Statement by The United States, Japan, and The Republic Of Korea Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (TCOG) Meeting in San Francisco, November 27, 2001
--11/27/01  Meeting of the Defense Trade Advisory Group
--11/27/01  Special Briefing on Sudan
--11/26/01  Police Officers Killed in Spain
--11/26/01  Results of Honduran Presidential Election
--11/26/01  Secretary Powell Hosts Dinner to Honor Public-Private Partnerships for Humanitarian Demining
--11/26/01  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Travel to Europe and Eurasia
--11/23/01  Condolences on Deaths of Palestinian Children
--11/23/01  Renewal of Passport Restrictions for Travel to Libya
--11/23/01  Summary of U.S. Assistance to the Afghan People Since Oct. 1, 2001
--11/21/01  Taken Question: U.S.-Mexico Migration Talks
--11/21/01  Russian Exchange Students Observe Presidents Bush and Putin in Action During Crawford Summit
--11/21/01  U.S.-Mexico Migration Talks
--11/20/01  Mexico: Migration Talks
--11/20/01  Press Coverage for the Working Session on Reconstruction of Afghanistan
--11/20/01  Richard Haass: Travel to India
--11/20/01  Trilateral Coordination And Oversight Group To Meet In San Francisco November 27, 2001
--11/19/01  U.S. Welcomes Free Election in Kosovo
--11/16/01  Secretary Powell Meets with Uzbek Foreign Minister Kamilov
--11/16/01  The Taliban's War Against Women
--11/16/01  U.S. Welcomes Passage of Constitutional Amendments in Macedonia
--11/15/01  Joint Statement on Terrorism by United States, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Moldova
--11/15/01  Senior Officials Meeting on Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan
--11/14/01  Afghanistan: Status of US Embassy
--11/14/01  Mexico: Release of Environmental Human Rights Activists
--11/14/01  Special Press Briefing on U.S. Aid to Afghanistan
--11/14/01  Sudan: Travel Of Special Envoy For Peace Danforth
--11/14/01  U.S. Contributes Additional $4 Million Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan
--11/14/01  U.S.-India Economic Dialogue
--11/14/01  United States Urges Voting in November 17 Kosovo Elections
--11/13/01  Secretary Powell to Deliver Foreign Policy Speech In Louisville, Kentucky on November 19
--11/10/01  Overland Humanitarian Assistance to Afghanistan
--11/09/01  Japanese Whaling Vessels Depart for Antarctica
--11/09/01  U.S.-Nigeria Law Enforcement Committee Meeting on November 9
--11/08/01  Belgrade Authorities Arrest Two ICTY Indictees
--11/08/01  CTBT "Article XIV" Entry-into-Force Conference
--11/08/01  Meeting under Fourth Geneva Convention
--11/08/01  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell's Travel to New York for the United Nations 56th General Assembly
--11/08/01  Terrorism: New Terrorist Organizations
--11/07/01  Resumption of Interdiction Program in Peru and Colombia
--11/07/01  U.S. Condemns Shooting of Judge in Spain
--11/06/01  Humanitarian Assistance to Victims of Hurricane Michelle
--11/06/01  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Deliver the Keynote Address To the Overseas Security Advisory Council's 16th Annual Briefing Wednesday, November 7, 2001
--11/06/01  U.S. Assistance to Pakistan for Border Security
--11/05/01  CUBA: Effect of Hurricane Michelle on U.S. Diplomatic Operations
--11/05/01  Deputy Secretary Armitage Meeting with Dr. Lambsdorff
--11/05/01  Pakistan: Contaminated Mail
--11/05/01  Results of Nicaragua Presidential Election
--11/05/01  Saudi Arabia: Deputy Secretary Armitage Meeting With Saudi Advisor
--11/05/01  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell To Deliver the Keynote Address Saluting the Honorable Louis W. Sullivan, MD, at the 2001 Africare Bishop Walker Dinner
--11/05/01  Welcoming the New Police Service of Northern Ireland
--11/04/01  Athens Response to Anthrax Tests
--11/04/01  Hurricane Michelle in Cuba and Bahamas
--11/02/01  Aid to Palestinian Authority
--11/02/01  Ambassador Hrinak's Return to Venezuela
--11/02/01  Designation of 22 Foreign Terrorist Organizations under Executive Order 13224
--11/02/01  Pakistan: Smuggling of Help for the Taliban
--11/02/01  Secretary Powell to Address Polish-American Enterprise Fund and Polish-American Freedom Foundation Commemoration
--11/02/01  Treasury Executive Order
--11/02/01  U.S. Foreign Policy Town Meeting To Be Held in Orlando Florida, November 8, 2001
--11/02/01  Visa Waiver Program Review
--11/02/01  Visit of Egyptian Minister of Economy and Trade, Yousef Boutros-Ghali
--11/01/01  Ambassador to Greece Thomas Miller's Remarks on Terrorism
--11/01/01  Change in Schedule for Secretary of State Colin L. Powell for Friday, November 2, 2001
--11/01/01  Meeting of the Shipping Coordinating Committee
--11/01/01  Meeting Of The Shipping Coordinating Committee
--11/01/01  Passport Processing at Domestic Agencies
--11/01/01  Reports of Americans Captured by the Taliban
--11/01/01  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Deliver Remarks at the U.S. Agency for International Development's 40th Anniversary
--11/01/01  U.S.-Russia Working Group on Afghanistan Joint Press Statement

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