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--08/29/02  Greek Foreign Minister Meeting with Secretary Powell
--08/29/02  Iraq: Iraqi Opposition to Convene Conference in The Netherlands
--08/29/02  Korea -- Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group to Meet in Seoul - September 6-7
--08/29/02  WSSD: Signature Partnerships and the Millennium Challenge Account
--08/28/02  Special Press Briefing on Reconstruction and Humanitarian Efforts in Afghanistan
--08/28/02  State Department Web Site Launches Electronic Press Kit on the Global Coalition Against Terrorism
--08/26/02  China
--08/26/02  East Timor Status as ICC Signatory
--08/26/02  Iraq: Funding for Media Training for Iraqi Opposition Figures
--08/26/02  Murder of Macedonian Police
--08/26/02  Secretary's Letter to European leaders on the International Criminal Court
--08/26/02  September 6 Special Meeting on Cyprus
--08/26/02  Spanish Judicial Decision Banning Basque National Party
--08/23/02  Agreement to Conserve Endangered Atlantic Salmon
--08/23/02  Project Vinca
--08/23/02  Project Vinca: Highly Enriched Uranium Removed from Belgrade Reactor in a Multinational Public - Private Project
--08/22/02  Donation of Hospital Equipment and Medical Supplies in Uzbekistan
--08/22/02  Kosovo: Statements about Recent Arrests/UNMIK Activities
--08/21/02  Biotechnology and U.S. Food Assistance to Southern Africa
--08/21/02  Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (Dv-2004)
--08/21/02  Industry Advisory Panel of Overseas Building Operations Meeting on Thursday, September 12, 2002
--08/20/02  Argentina: Declassification of Documents Related to Human Rights Abuses Occurring Between 1975-1984
--08/20/02  Invitation to Background Briefing on Secretary Powell's Upcoming Trip to Africa
--08/19/02  Death of Edward Lee Howard
--08/19/02  Indonesia -- Human Rights Tribunal for East Timor
--08/19/02  Travel by Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Africa
--08/19/02  USAID Administrator Andrew S. Natsios and Assistant Secretary of State Walter Kansteiner To Brief on the Food Crisis in Southern Africa (August 20, 2002)
--08/16/02  New Requirement For Issuance of Department of State Building Pass
--08/15/02  Iraq: U.S. Support for the Iraqi Opposition
--08/15/02  Israel/Palestinians: Israeli Use of Human Shields
--08/15/02  U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy to Release Global Communication Recommendations
--08/14/02  Meeting of the Shipping Coordinating CommitteeOn September 10, 2002
--08/14/02  Meeting of the Shipping Coordinating Committee on September 26, 2002
--08/13/02  Anniversary of Ohrid Framework Agreement
--08/13/02  Arrest of Rwanda Tribunal Indictee Augustin Bizimungu
--08/12/02  U.S. Contributes $16.9 million to UN High Commissioner for Refugees
--08/09/02  Diplomatic and Consular Parking Program in New York
--08/09/02  Zimbabwe: Farm Evictions
--08/08/02  Meeting of Iraqi Opposition Leaders
--08/07/02  Anniversary of 1998 Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania
--08/07/02  OECD Calls for Culture of Security for Information Systems
--08/07/02  United States Condemns Bogota Bombings
--08/06/02  Conviction of Kazakhstani Opposition Leader Galymzhan Zhakiyanov
--08/05/02  Car Bomb Explosion in Santa Pola
--08/05/02  Haiti: Violence in Gonaives
--08/05/02  Japan - Deputy Secretary's Meeting with Minister of State Jin Murai
--08/05/02  Travel of Deputy Secretary Armitage to Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, China and Japan
--08/02/02  Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline
--08/02/02  Summary of Counterterrorism Proposals for Jakarta
--08/01/02  Fees for U.S. Passports To Increase
--08/01/02  U.S. and Romania Sign Article 98 Agreement

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