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--03/31/03  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to Travel to Turkey, Brussels
--03/31/03  Special Press Briefing and Release of 2002 Annual Report on Human Rights March 31, 2003
--03/29/03  U.S. Contributes Additional $21 Million to International Organizations for Humanitarian Relief Operations Related to Iraq Crisis
--03/28/03  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell To Address The American Israel Public Affairs Committee
--03/27/03  The United States and France To Sign Agreement Regarding French Explorer LaSalle's Vessel "La Belle"
--03/26/03  Department of State to Expedite Export Licenses for Iraq Coalition Partners
--03/25/03  Decontamination of Sterling Mail Facility
--03/25/03  Former U.S. Embassy Building in Baghdad
--03/25/03  On-the-Record Briefing: U.S. Humanitarian Relief and Reconstruction Efforts; Andrew S. Natsios , U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator ; Released by the Office of the Spokesman; Washington, DC
--03/25/03  Persian Gulf Shipping
--03/25/03  Special Briefing on Humanitarian Relief and Reconstruction Efforts for Iraq 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 25, 2003
--03/25/03  Syrian Bus Incident
--03/25/03  World Tuberculosis Day
--03/24/03  Meeting Between Deputy Secretary Armitage and Sri Lankan Cabinet Ministers Peiris and Karunayake
--03/24/03  Kashmir Violence
--03/24/03  Zimbabwe: Massive Crackdown on Opposition
--03/21/03  Food Transportation Costs (Question Taken)
--03/21/03  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell Congratulates the Afghan People on the Occasion of Their New Year
--03/20/03  Iraq: Expulsion of Iraqi Diplomats From United States and United Nations
--03/20/03  Third World Water Forum
--03/19/03  Delegation from the Organization of American States and the Caribbean Community Council to Visit Haiti
--03/19/03  U.S. Outraged by Cuban Crackdown on Dissidents
--03/18/03  Advisory Committee for Study of Eastern Europe and the Independent States Of the Former Soviet Union Meeting
--03/18/03  Central African Republic: Call For Restoration Of Order And Reconciliation
--03/18/03  Excellence in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (ESTME) Week March 16-22, 2003
--03/18/03  Joint Statement of Enhanced Bilateral Climate Change Cooperation Between the United States and Mexico
--03/18/03  Legal Adviser William H. Taft IV to Address National Association of Attorneys General
--03/18/03  Regional Security Ministerial Held In Bogota, Colombia
--03/17/03  Future of Iraq, Transparency and Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting
--03/17/03  U.S. Delegation in Brussels to Reaffirm its Commitment to Afghanistan
--03/17/03  United States Becomes Party to the Protocol Concerning Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW Protocol)
--03/14/03  Arrest by Mexican Authorities of Alleged Narcotics Trafficker Oziel Cardenas Guillen (Taken Question)
--03/14/03  Consul General in Jerusalem (Taken Question)
--03/14/03  Department of State Launches Visa Education Campaign
--03/14/03  Fifteenth Anniversary of the Halabja Massacre
--03/14/03  Iraq - Uranium Procurement Attempts from Niger (Taken Question)
--03/14/03  U.S. Contributes $9.27 Million to International Committee of the Red Cross
--03/13/03  Deputy Secretary Armitage's Meeting with Peruvian Prime Minister Solari
--03/13/03  U.S. Department of State Recognizes Royal Dutch/Shell Donation for Mine Detecting Dogs for Thailand
--03/13/03  U.S. Provides an Additional $10 Million to Feed Refugees in Africa
--03/12/03  Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs Patricia S. Harrison and Senator Chuck Hagel to Address National Council for International Visitors' Meeting
--03/12/03  On-the-Record Briefing: The Situation in Zimbabwe and Steps Toward Implementing U.S. Sanctions
--03/12/03  The Humanitarian Crisis in Zimbabwe
--03/11/03  4 Days Left to Register for the Foreign Service Written Exam
--03/11/03  Department of State Initiates Emergency Preparedness Education
--03/11/03  Iraq Reconstruction/Bidding and Procurement
--03/11/03  Standard and Poor's Report on Palestine Investment Fund
--03/10/03  Death of the President of Nauru
--03/10/03  Historic Review of UNMOVIC's Report on Unresolved Disarmament Issues
--03/10/03  National Women's History Month Program: Women Pioneering the Future
--03/10/03  North Korea: RC135 Intercept Protest (Taken Question)
--03/07/03  Armenia: Presidential Election
--03/07/03  Cuba: Castro Attacks on Chief of U.S. Interests Section
--03/06/03  Cote d'Ivoire: Meeting in Accra to Form a Government of National Reconciliation
--03/06/03  Limits on Books and Information in Cuba
--03/06/03  Sea Turtle Conservation and Shrimp Imports
--03/06/03  United States Signs Science and Technology Agreement with Bangladesh
--03/05/03  Conviction of Turkmen Activist Farid Tukhbatullin
--03/05/03  Designation of Countries of Particular Concern Under the International Religious Freedom Act
--03/05/03  Northern Ireland
--03/05/03  U.S. Department of State Reaches Settlement with Boeing and Hughes
--03/04/03  Extension of Operation Active Endeavour
--03/04/03  Kenya and Tanzania: New Embassy Office Buildings
--03/04/03  Secretary of State Colin L. Powell To Address Center for Strategic and International Studies
--03/04/03  Zimbabwe
--03/03/03  Europe: Redeployment of Troops in Europe

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