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--02/28/05  International Travel Safety Information for Students
--02/28/05  On-the-Record Briefing on the Release of the 2004 Annual Report on Human Rights; Paula Dobriansky, Under Secretary for Global Affairs; Washington, DC
--02/28/05  Resignation of Interim President and Elections in Togo
--02/28/05  Special Press Briefing and Release of 2005 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
--02/26/05  Indonesia: Secretary Rice's Decision to Certify International Military Education and Training
--02/25/05  Acting Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs
--02/25/05  Appointment of Philip Zelikow as the Counselor of the Department of State
--02/25/05  Bombing in Tel Aviv; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--02/25/05  Meeting of the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy
--02/25/05  Release of Foreign Relations Volume
--02/25/05  Secretary Rice Travel to Attend the London Meeting on Supporting the Palestinian Authority
--02/25/05  Special Press Briefing and Release of 2004 Annual Report on Human Rights-February 28, 2005
--02/25/05  U.S. Actions to Support Sudan Peace Process
--02/25/05  U.S. Participation in the United Nations 49th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women
--02/25/05  Visit of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Mexico
--02/24/05  Assistance to Somali Transitional Federal Government
--02/24/05  Industry Advisory Panel of the Overseas Building Operations Meeting April 12, 2005
--02/24/05  Turkey/Cyprus: Reported Transfer of Arms from Turkey to Cyprus
--02/24/05  U.S.-Russia Arrangement on Cooperation in Enhancing Control of Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)
--02/23/05  Australia: Decision To Increase Forces in Iraq
--02/23/05  Release of Fact Sheets on U.S.-EU Cooperation
--02/23/05  State Department Reaction to the Indictment of Former Bolivian President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada
--02/23/05  United States-Turkey Strategic Dialogue
--02/22/05  "When The Spirit Moves" Exhibition Highlights African American Dance
--02/22/05  Death of U.S. Citizens in Mexico
--02/22/05  Journalist Lecturer at Foreign Service Institute
--02/22/05  Status of Relations with the Nicaraguan Military (Taken Question)
--02/21/05  Turkish Cypriot Election Results
--02/19/05  Departments of State and Homeland Security Announce Improved Visa Processing for International Travelers
--02/19/05  Joint Statement of the U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee
--02/19/05  Togo: Imposition of Sanctions by the Economic Community of West African States
--02/19/05  U.S.-Japan Joint Statement on North Korea
--02/18/05  Afghan and Iraqi Women Delegations Invited to the United States for International Women's Day Celebrations
--02/18/05  American Business Delegation to North Cyprus
--02/18/05  Cambodia: Inter-Ministerial Committee Report on Trafficking Shelter Attack
--02/18/05  Libya: Pan Am 103 Escrow (Taken Question)
--02/18/05  NATO Project to Destroy Excess Ukrainian Weapons Stocks
--02/18/05  The United States, Central America and the Dominican Republic Sign Environmental Cooperation Agreement Associated with Free Trade Agreement
--02/18/05  Unrest in Nepal (Taken Question)
--02/17/05  Call for a Free and Fair Campaign and Election in Moldova
--02/17/05  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Address a Celebration of African-American History Month
--02/17/05  The Death of U.S. Government Contractor Bryan Tuttle in Lima, Peru
--02/17/05  U.S. Pledges $1.6 Million for OAS Counter-Terrorism Efforts
--02/16/05  Secretary Rice Meeting With Japanese Foreign Minister Machimura, U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee Meeting (2+2)
--02/16/05  U.S. and Six Member Governments of Organization of American States to Sign Environmental Cooperation Agreement and Trade Understanding
--02/16/05  United States and Chile Agree on Work Program for Environmental Cooperation
--02/15/05  Burma - Reconvening of the National Convention
--02/15/05  Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships for Humanitarian Mine Action
--02/15/05  U.S. Recalls Ambassador to Syria
--02/15/05  United States Commitment to Address Climate Change
--02/14/05  Consultations for U.S. Ambassador to Nepal
--02/14/05  Death of Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--02/14/05  Iraq: Reconstruction Spending
--02/14/05  Korea - Appointment of Head of the U.S. Delegation to the Six-Party Talks
--02/14/05  Online Registration for the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Written Exam Begins
--02/14/05  Reappointment of Mitchell B. Reiss as Special Envoy for Northern Ireland
--02/14/05  Selection of Elizabeth Cheney as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State For Near Eastern Affairs and Coordinator for Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiatives
--02/14/05  Selection of Stephen Krasner as New Director of Policy Planning
--02/14/05  Special Briefing on State Department Portion of 2005 Budget Supplemental; Joe Bowab, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Resource Management; Washington, DC
--02/11/05  Arrest of Pro-Democracy Leaders in Burma
--02/11/05  Defense Department's Balkan Website
--02/11/05  Extension of Validity for Science Related Interagency Visa Clearances
--02/11/05  New CultureConnect Ambassador Bernie Williams Visits Venezuela and Colombia
--02/11/05  Possible Meeting with Greek Foreign Minister Molyviatis
--02/11/05  Removal of Travel Controls on Libyan Diplomats
--02/11/05  U.S. Government Civilian Contractors Kidnapped and Held for Two Years By Colombian Terrorists
--02/11/05  U.S.-Pakistan Bilateral Investment Treaty Negotiations
--02/10/05  2006 Diversity Visa Lottery Registrations
--02/10/05  Revision of Schedule of Fees for Consular Services
--02/10/05  U.S. Department of State Award Supports Independent Palestinian Media
--02/09/05  Ambassador Reiss Meeting with Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern
--02/09/05  Human Rights Watch Allegations on Nepal
--02/09/05  Statement of Support for Communique on Togo Issued by the Economic Community of West African States
--02/09/05  U.S. Delegation to the Fifth Regular Session of the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism
--02/07/05  Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Meetings in Poland on Visa Issues
--02/07/05  International Affairs - FY 2006 Budget
--02/07/05  National Council for International Visitors Annual Meeting, February 9-12
--02/07/05  U.S. Assistance to the Palestinians
--02/06/05  Togo: Death of President Eyadema
--02/05/05  Accession to the 2001 International Coffee Agreement ; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Ankara, Turkey
--02/04/05  Briefing: FY 2006 State and Foreign Operations Budget Submission
--02/04/05  Eligibility of Contestants for Elective Offices in Liberia's 2005 Elections
--02/04/05  Food Commodity Pre-Positioning Program Begins in Dubai
--02/04/05  Tsunami Relief
--02/03/05  Death of Georgian Prime Minister
--02/03/05  Suspension of Parliamentary Immunity of Cambodian Opposition Party Members
--02/03/05  The UN Oil-for-Food Program: Uncovering the Facts and Preventing Abuse
--02/02/05  Cambodian Parliamentary Action
--02/02/05  Tripartite Peace Talks on the African Great Lakes
--02/01/05  Dismissal of Government and State of Emergency in Nepal
--02/01/05  Elections in Zimbabwe

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