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--05/31/06  Burma: Call for a UN Security Council Resolution
--05/31/06  Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Transformational Diplomacy, June 6, 2006
--05/31/06  Press Briefing with Secretary Rice
--05/31/06  Serbia and Montenegro Assistance
--05/31/06  U.S. Signs Open Skies Aviation Agreement With Chad
--05/30/06  Colombia: Determination and Certification of Colombian Government and Armed Forces with Respect to Human Rights Related Conditions
--05/29/06  Videotaped Statement on Burma; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Audio Aired on Voice of America; Washington, DC
--05/27/06  Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi's Detention Extended
--05/26/06  Mrs. Laura Bush To Lead United States Presidential Mission to the 2006 High Level United Nations Meeting on HIV/AIDS
--05/26/06  Visit of Under Secretary Sheeran Shiner Helps Move U.S.-Pakistani Economic Partnership to New Level
--05/25/06  Ambassador George M. Staples Sworn in as Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources
--05/25/06  Question Taken at May 25, 2006 Daily Press Briefing : Belarus: Airspace Restrictions
--05/25/06  East Timor -- Unrest and Deployment of Australian Troops
--05/25/06  Libya: Contact with Libyan Government on Behalf of Pan Am 103 Families (Taken Question)
--05/24/06  Arrests of Terror Suspects in Great Britain (Taken Question)
--05/24/06  Launch of Commemorative Stamps Honoring Six Distinguished American Diplomats
--05/23/06  Syria: Arrest of Reformers
--05/23/06  Tanzania: Agreement Signed on Trafficking in Persons
--05/22/06  2006 Doors to Diplomacy Award Winners Announced
--05/22/06  Question Taken at May 19, 2006 Daily Press Briefing : China and the G-8
--05/22/06  Death of WHO Director General Lee Jong-wook
--05/22/06  Overseas Schools Advisory Council Meeting Wednesday, June 21, 2006
--05/22/06  Turkey Hosts Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) Interdiction Exercise, Anatolian Sun, May 24-26
--05/22/06  Under Secretary Burns' Travel to London
--05/22/06  Under Secretary Josette Sheeran Shiner to Visit Pakistan
--05/21/06  Statement on Inauguration of New Iraqi Government; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--05/19/06  Department of State's High 2006 Ranking as Ideal Employer Among Minority Students
--05/19/06  On-The-Record Briefing on the Committee Against Torture Report; Washington, DC
--05/19/06  Personnel Changes in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs
--05/19/06  Taiwan -- National Security Report
--05/19/06  Taiwan -- The World Health Assembly
--05/18/06  Egypt: Denial of Ayman Nour Appeal
--05/18/06  Mexico: US-Mexican Border
--05/18/06  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice To Give Commencement Address at Boston College and Receive Honorary Degree
--05/18/06  Statement on Interpol Regional Meeting in Belarus
--05/18/06  U.S.-Saudi Strategic Dialogue
--05/18/06  United States to Chair Review of UN Fish Stocks Agreement
--05/17/06  Interview by Mina Al-Oraibi of Asharq Al Awsat; Robert B. Zoellick, Deputy Secretary of State; Grosvenor House Hotel; London, United Kingdom
--05/17/06  Appointment of Gregg Rickman as the Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism
--05/17/06  Under Secretary Josette Sheeran Shiner to Visit Italy
--05/16/06  Iran: Attendance at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit
--05/16/06  Russia: G-8 Agenda
--05/16/06  Under Secretary Josette Sheeran Shiner to Visit France
--05/16/06  United States Contact with Government of Sudan
--05/15/06  Issues Related to United States Relations With Libya; C. David Welch, Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs; On-the-Record Briefing; Washington, DC
--05/15/06  Deputy Secretary Zoellick to Travel to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Tunisia, and Egypt for the World Economic Forum
--05/15/06  Implementation of Darfur Peace Agreement
--05/15/06  Libya's Decision To Eliminate WMD and MTCR-Class Missile Programs: An International Model
--05/15/06  Rescission of Libya's Designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism
--05/15/06  Significant Events in U.S.-Libyan Rapprochement
--05/15/06  Special Press Briefing on U.S. Relations with Libya
--05/15/06  U.S. Diplomatic Relations With Libya; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--05/15/06  Under Secretary Josette Sheeran Shiner to Visit Norway
--05/15/06  Under Secretary Josette Sheeran Shiner to Visit Norway, France, and Italy
--05/15/06  Upgrading of Diplomatic Relations with Libya
--05/15/06  Venezuela: Not Fully Cooperating with U.S. Anti-Terrorism Efforts
--05/12/06  Assistant Secretary Hillen To Travel to Persian Gulf Region
--05/12/06  U.S. Department of State's Second Annual National Case Study Competition Presentation and Award Ceremony
--05/12/06  East Timor - Upholding Democracy
--05/12/06  One-Year Anniversary of the Andijon Tragedy
--05/12/06  The Qatar Katrina Relief Fund
--05/12/06  U.S. and Switzerland Establish MOU Framework for Intensified Cooperation
--05/11/06  Department of State's High 2006 Ranking as Ideal Employer for All Undergraduates
--05/11/06  Moscow Helsinki Group's 30th Anniversary
--05/11/06  United Nations Human Rights Council Elections
--05/11/06  United States Renews Its Commitment to the SEED Initiative
--05/10/06  The United States and International Development: Partnering for Growth
--05/09/06   Remarks With French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; New York City
--05/09/06  "In kind" Medical Assistance to the Palestinians; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--05/09/06  Quartet Press Conference ; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; New York City
--05/09/06  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice To Be Honored at Independent Women's Forum Dinner
--05/08/06  14th Session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development May 1-12, 2006
--05/08/06  Darfur Peace Agreement
--05/08/06  Humanitarian Situation in Darfur
--05/08/06  Repression of Cuban Dissidents
--05/08/06  Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Karen Hughes To Speak to Council on Foreign Relations in New York City
--05/08/06  United States Policy on Sudan
--05/05/06  Lebanon and Syria
--05/05/06  Release of Five Ethnic Uighurs from Guantanamo
--05/05/06  Russia: Klebnikov Verdict
--05/05/06  Secretary Decides Material Support Bar Inapplicable To Ethnic Karen Refugees in Tham Hin Camp, Thailand
--05/05/06  U.S. Contributes $40 Million to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
--05/04/06  Annual Meeting of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO
--05/04/06  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Address Espacio USA: Vanguardia Latina Participants
--05/04/06  Secretary of State Rice to Participate in Foreign Affairs Day Commemoration for Fallen Foreign Service Members
--05/03/06  Avian Influenza Action Group to Coordinate U.S. International Effort
--05/03/06  Black Sea Plane Crash
--05/03/06  Intimidation to Impede Democratic Progress in Ethiopia Is Unacceptable
--05/02/06  Sea Turtle Conservation and Shrimp Imports
--05/02/06  Under Secretary Sheeran Shiner to Travel to Moscow for G-8 Sous-Sherpa Meetings
--05/01/06  Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate
--05/01/06  Deputy Secretary Zoellick to travel to Abuja, Nigeria
--05/01/06  Industry Advisory Panel of Overseas Buildings Operations Meeting
--05/01/06  Joint Statement by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Taro Aso, and Japanese Minister of State for Defense Fukushiro Nukaga; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Following a meeting of the United States-Japan Security Consultative Meeting; Washington, DC
--05/01/06  Launch of the Iraqi Virtual Science Library
--05/01/06  Publication of Digest of United States Practice in International Law
--05/01/06  Successful Parliamentary Elections in Haiti
--05/01/06  U.S. Contributes Additional $17.56 Million to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  
--05/01/06  U.S. Department of State and FORTUNE's Most Powerful Women to Host New Mentoring Initiative for Emerging Women Business Leaders
--05/01/06  Under Secretary Burns to Travel to Paris for Discussions on Iran
--05/01/06  United States-Japan Roadmap for Realignment Implementation Issued Following May 1, 2006 Meeting of the U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee involving Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Taro Aso, Japanese Minister of State for Defense Fukushiro Nukaga

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