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--12/31/08  Office of the Historian, Bureau of Public Affairs Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Volume E-14, Part 1, Documents on the United Nations, 1973-1976
--12/31/08  The President Approves Ratification of the U.S. - IAEA Additional Protocol
--12/30/08  Azerbaijan Will not Renew the Broadcasting Licenses of Radio Liberty, Voice of America and the BBC
--12/30/08  Status of Food Aid Deliveries to North Korea (Taken Question)
--12/30/08  The United States Contributes $85 Million for Humanitarian Assistance to Palestinian Refugees
--12/29/08  African Union Actions Regarding Mauritania and Guinea
--12/29/08  Award-Winning Director Michael Apted to Serve as Democracy Video Challenge Jury Co-Chair
--12/29/08  Bangladesh Elections
--12/29/08  Somalia: President Yusuf's Resignation
--12/27/08  Statement by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the Situation in Gaza; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--12/23/08   The Human Rights Situation in Iran
--12/23/08  Foreign Relations of the United States Series Review Panel
--12/23/08  Georgia: Bilateral Charter (Taken Question)
--12/23/08  RFE/RL Broadcasts Cut from Kyrgyz National Television and Radio Network
--12/22/08  Closure of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Mission to Georgia
--12/22/08  Mauritanian President's "Release"
--12/19/08  Joint Statement of the Merida Initiative High-Level Consultative Group
--12/19/08  Overseas Schools Advisory Council Meeting Thursday, January 15, 2009
--12/19/08  Publication of 2007 Digest of United States Practice in International Law
--12/19/08  U.S., Ukraine Sign Charter on Strategic Partnership
--12/19/08  UN General Assembly Calls on Iran to Meet Human Rights Obligations
--12/19/08  United States and Mexico Approve Accords For Advanced Wireless Services Along Border
--12/18/08  Construction Incident at Department of State (Taken Question)
--12/18/08  International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda Judgment Against Four Senior Rwandan Army Officers
--12/18/08  Israel/Palestinians: Hamas Declares End to Ceasefire (Taken Question)
--12/18/08  Jefferson Science Fellows Distinguished Lecture Series on Current Issues in Science and Technology
--12/18/08  Secretary Rice Personnel Remarks
--12/18/08  White Powder Found at U.S. Embassies (Taken Question)
--12/17/08  Disappearance of Robert Fowler in Niger
--12/17/08  Georgia: South Ossetian NGO (Taken Question)
--12/17/08  Inaugural Meeting of the Merida Initiative High-Level Consultative Group
--12/17/08  Special Briefing on Bilateral Strategic Security Dialogue Talks; John Rood, Acting Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security; Washington, DC
--12/17/08  Treasury Designation of Two Iranian Entities tied to Proliferation Activities
--12/17/08  United Nations Security Council Resolution 1851 (Taken Question)
--12/16/08  Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Partnership with Carnegie Hall Connects Music Students in New York City with Peers in Istanbul, Turkey
--12/16/08  Conclusion of the Sixth Round of the U.S.-China Senior Dialogue
--12/16/08  Meeting Of the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy
--12/16/08  Special Briefing on Bilateral Strategic Security Dialogue Talks
--12/15/08  Quartet Press Statement
--12/15/08  Yemen: Parliamentary Elections
--12/12/08  Acting Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security John C. Rood To Travel to Moscow for Bilateral Strategic Security Dialogue Talks
--12/12/08  Deputy Secretary Negroponte to Host the Sixth Round of the U.S.-China Senior Dialogue
--12/12/08  Montenegro Signs NATO's PfP Status of Forces Agreement
--12/12/08  Replacement of African Union Mission to Somalia with a Multinational Force (Taken Question)
--12/12/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Travel to New York
--12/12/08  U.S. Department of State Partners with Intel Corporation to Support Teacher/Student IT Training Overseas
--12/12/08  U.S. and Canada Sign MOU on Emergency Management Cooperation
--12/12/08  U.S. and Canada Signed MOU on Emergency Management Cooperation; Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--12/11/08  Situation in Zimbabwe; Henrietta Fore, Administrator, United States Agency for International Development; On-the-Record Briefing; Washington, DC
--12/11/08  Death of Former Indonesian Foreign Minister Ali Alatas; Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--12/11/08  Harassment of Chinese Signatories to Charter '08
--12/11/08  Pathways to Prosperity Education Initiative
--12/11/08  U.S. Efforts at the UN Concerning Somali Piracy
--12/11/08  Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Deadline Approaches
--12/10/08  1267 Committee Sanctions Lashkar e-Tayyiba Associated Individuals and Entities
--12/10/08  Democracy Video Challenge Welcomes Renowned Economist Hernando de Soto As Jury Co-Chair
--12/10/08  Georgia: $1 Billion Assistance Commitment (Taken Question)
--12/10/08  International Human Rights Day
--12/10/08  Meeting Of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO
--12/10/08  Second U.S.-SICA Dialogue on Security
--12/10/08  Special Briefing on Zimbabwe
--12/10/08  Update on the Status of Emanuel Zeltser
--12/09/08  DPRK: Food Assistance (Taken Question)
--12/09/08  Kosovo: EULEX Deployment
--12/09/08  Russia: Raid on Memorial Research Center
--12/08/08  Belize-Guatemala Border Agreement
--12/08/08  Expanded Visa Services at Embassy Baghdad
--12/08/08  Intellectual Property Training Programs Funded 
--12/08/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Travel to Panama
--12/06/08  Deputy Secretary of State John D. Negroponte To Travel to Israel
--12/05/08  Iraq: United Nations Chapter VII Resolution (Taken Question)
--12/05/08  The 2008 Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW) Secretary of State's Award for Voluntary Service Overseas Recipients
--12/05/08  U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Energy Signing Ceremony To Improve Energy Performance at U.S. Embassies and Consulates Overseas
--12/05/08  Under Secretary Kennedy to Present Secretary of State's 2008 Awards for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad
--12/04/08  Albania: Resolution of Property Thefts by the Nazis
--12/04/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Commemorates International Human Rights Day
--12/02/08  Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate: Promoting Building Energy Efficiency in China 
--12/02/08  Convention on Cluster Munitions Opens for Signature (Taken Question)
--12/02/08  Deputy Secretary's Call to Mauritanian President 
--12/02/08  U.S. Diplomacy in the Americas: A Conversation with the Diplomatic Corps
--12/02/08  U.S. State Department Teams with Corporate America to Fund Scholarship Programs Overseas
--12/02/08  United States and Saudi Arabia Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Science and Technology Cooperation
--12/01/08  Department of State and Roots of Peace to co-host "Harvest of Hope" In Recognition of Public-Private Partnerships for Mine Action in Afghanistan
--12/01/08  Honduras Primary Elections
--12/01/08  World AIDS Day 2008; Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC

--11/28/08  Confirmation of Gene A. Cretz as Ambassador to Libya
--11/28/08  Thailand: U.S. Calls for End to Airport Seizures
--11/27/08  Statement by Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker and General Ray Odierno: Passage by the Council of Representatives of the Strategic Framework Agreement and the Security Agreement
--11/26/08  Attacks in Mumbai, India
--11/26/08  Consular Calls: Attacks in Mumbai, India
--11/26/08  Kosovo: EULEX Deployment 
--11/25/08  United States Participation in Annual Climate Change Conference 
--11/25/08  Upcoming NATO Ministerial Meeting; Daniel Fried, Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs; Special Briefing; Washington, DC
--11/24/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Travel to London, Brussels, Rome, Helsinki and Copenhagen
--11/24/08  Special Briefing To Announce the Alliance of Youth Movement; James K. Glassman, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs; Washington, DC
--11/24/08  U.S. Department of State and the Adobe Foundation to Launch Online Video Contest to Amplify U.S. Public Diplomacy
--11/21/08  Industry Advisory Panel of Overseas Buildings Operations Meeting
--11/21/08  Robert Levinson Case
--11/21/08  Secretary Rice's Meeting with Foreign Minister Moratinos (Taken Question) 
--11/21/08  US-Armenia Joint Economic Taskforce
--11/21/08  Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs Leads Members of the U.S.-Afghan Women's Council to Afghanistan
--11/20/08  Joint Statement by the United States and Brazil Announcing the Expansion of Cooperation on Biofuels to Advance Energy Security and Promote Sustainable Development 
--11/20/08  Special Briefing on Zimbabwe's Current State; James D. McGee, Ambassador; Via Video Conference; Harare, Zimbabwe
--11/20/08  United States Support for Troop Increase in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Taken Question)
--11/19/08  Archbishop Desmond Tutu to Receive Fulbright Prize
--11/19/08  Digital Video Conference with U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe James D. McGee
--11/19/08  Guinea-Bissau Elections
--11/19/08  Jefferson Science Fellows Distinguished Lecture Series on Current Issues in Science and Techno
--11/19/08  U.S. Support to Afghan Refugees and Returnees
--11/19/08  UNIFEM: "Say No to Violence Against Women" Campaign; Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--11/18/08  Briefing on State Department Funding Levels; Patrick F. Kennedy, Under Secretary for Management ; Washington, DC
--11/18/08  Increase in Student and Exchange Visitor Visa Issuances
--11/18/08  Mauritanian President Remains in Captivity
--11/18/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice To Speak at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Overseas Security Advisory Council
--11/17/08  Belarus: Update on Emanuel Zeltser
--11/17/08  Gilman Scholarship Program is Breaking the Ceiling on Diversity in Study Abroad
--11/17/08  New Web Site Provides Info on Adopting Children from Other Countries
--11/17/08  Record High Number of American Students Studying Abroad, International Students at U.S. Colleges and Universities
--11/17/08  United States - United Arab Emirates Joint Statement
--11/14/08  Deputy Secretary Negroponte Travel to Ireland and Northern Ireland
--11/14/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Name Ken Griffey, Jr., to Public Diplomacy Role
--11/14/08  U.S. Embassy in Belarus
--11/14/08  U.S.-Palestinian Partnership Leaders to Travel to the West Bank
--11/13/08  Release of FDLR Secretary General, Callixte Mbarushimana
--11/13/08  Renewal of Diplomatic Relations between Chad and Sudan
--11/13/08  U.S.-Qatar Gulf Security Dialogue
--11/12/08  Burma: Appointment of Michael Green as Special Envoy
--11/12/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Address The James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, Rice University
--11/12/08  U.S. and Kazakhstan Reach Milestone in Nonproliferation Cooperation
--11/11/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Participate in Interfaith Dialogue Meeting in New York
--11/10/08  Death of Miriam Makeba
--11/10/08  Irregularities in Nicaraguan Municipal Elections
--11/10/08  Japan: Nuclear Submarine Visit to Okinawa (Taken Question)
--11/09/08  Quartet Press Statement
--11/08/08  Secretary Rice Announces New Round of U.S. Government Assistance in Jenin: U.S. Government Undertakes Projects Totaling $14 Million
--11/07/08  BURMA: Public Statement on the Prosecution of Four Defense Lawyers
--11/07/08  Fine Arts Committee Meeting, Thursday, November 13, 2008
--11/06/08  Azerbaijan Proposal to Discontinue Local Broadcast of International Media
--11/06/08  Russia: Explosion in North Ossetia
--11/06/08  Treasury Revokes "U-Turn" License for Iran
--11/06/08  Under Secretary Jeffery Presents 2008 Secretary of State's Awards for Corporate Excellence; Reuben Jeffery III, Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs; Benjamin Franklin Room; Washington, DC 
--11/05/08  Death of Mexico's Interior Secretary Juan Camilo Mouriño Terrazo
--11/05/08  Transition 
--11/04/08  Under Secretary of State Reuben Jeffery III to Present 2008 Secretary of State's Awards for Corporate Excellence

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