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--09/30/08  2010 Diversity Visa Lottery Program Registration
--09/29/08   Afghanistan: Attack On Policewoman
--09/29/08  Belarus: Parliamentary Elections
--09/29/08  Bus Bombing in Tripoli
--09/29/08  Deputy Secretary of State John D. Negroponte to Visit Azerbaijan
--09/29/08  Nominations Open for Second Annual Benjamin Franklin Award for Public Diplomacy
--09/29/08  U.S. Department of State Quick Reaction Force
--09/29/08  United States-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue
--09/29/08  United States-Pakistan Strategic Partnership Joint Statement
--09/27/08  Bombing in Damascus, Syria
--09/26/08  Quartet Statement
--09/26/08  Statement by the Chairmen of the Friends of Pakistan 
--09/26/08  Statement of the Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group
--09/26/08  United States Contributes Nearly $28 Million to Relief Effort for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
--09/26/08  United States and Pakistan Strategic Partnership Meeting in Washington, DC
--09/25/08  Initiation of Security Cooperation Dialogue with Caribbean Leaders; Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; New York City
--09/25/08  Invitation to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to Join Adriatic Charter
--09/25/08  Joint Statement by the Foreign Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and the United States
--09/25/08  Opening of Nicaragua's 2008 Municipal Elections
--09/25/08  Remarks With Afghanistan Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta After Their Meeting; John D. Negroponte, Deputy Secretary of State; Loy Henderson Conference Room; Washington, DC
--09/25/08  United States-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership
--09/25/08  United States-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Joint Statement
--09/24/08  Briefing from New York; Daniel Fried, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs; New York City
--09/24/08  Briefing from UNGA
--09/24/08  Briefing on Sri Lanka; Richard Boucher, Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs; Waldorf-Astoria; New York City
--09/24/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Host Women Leaders' Working Group
--09/24/08  Signing Ceremony of MOU on Intern Work and Travel Pilot Program ; John D. Negroponte, Deputy Secretary of State ; Treaty Room; Washington, DC 
--09/24/08  Twelve-Month Intern Work and Travel Pilot Program
--09/24/08  United States and Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Meeting in Washington, DC
--09/23/08  Situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
--09/23/08  U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation Awards Support Major Projects at Cultural Sites in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Guatemala
--09/23/08  UNGA: Briefing on Various Topics
--09/22/08  "Landmine Casualty Data: Best Practices Guidebook" Provides New Reference Materials for Mine Victim Information Systems
--09/22/08  Briefing from UNGA on Various Topics
--09/22/08  Briefing on Secretary Rice's Meeting With the South Korean Foreign Minister; Christopher Hill, Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs; Waldorf-Astoria; New York City
--09/22/08  Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan Places First Afghan Candidate in Visiting Scholars Program in the United States
--09/22/08  The United States and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Assistance
--09/22/08  The WEST (Work, English Study, Travel) Program
--09/22/08  Under Secretary Paula Dobriansky Announces U.S.-funded Cancer Research Program in Uruguay
--09/20/08  Terrorist Attack in Islamabad, Pakistan
--09/19/08  Extended Agreement Further Protects Archaeological Heritage of Cambodia
--09/19/08  Remarks on Release of 2008 International Religious Freedom Report; John V. Hanford III, Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom; Washington, DC
--09/19/08  Russia/Georgia: Deploying EU and OSCE International Mechanisms
--09/18/08  American Citizen Among Fatalities in Terrorist Attack in Yemen (Taken Question)
--09/18/08  Death of International Boundary and Water Commissioners
--09/18/08  Georgia: Provisional Administrative Entity of South Ossetia (Taken Question)
--09/18/08  Russian Claims to Arctic Territory (Taken Question)
--09/18/08  Under Secretary Paula Dobriansky Announces Awards for Clean Energy Work in China Under Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate
--09/18/08  United States and Colombia Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Advance Cooperation on Renewable and Clean Energy
--09/18/08  Use of the Internal Security Act in Malaysia
--09/17/08  Additional U.S. Actions Against Iran's Proliferation Activities
--09/17/08  Attack on Embassy Sana'a; Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--09/17/08  Investigative Team to Yemen (Taken Question)
--09/17/08  Japan: Sea Shepherd Whaling Activists (Taken Question)
--09/17/08  Special Press Briefing and Release of 2008 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom September 19, 2008
--09/17/08  State Department Employee Receives 2008 Service to America National Security and International Affairs Medal
--09/17/08  Yemen at UN General Assembly (Taken Question)
--09/16/08  Major Illicit Drug Producing Countries for FY 2008 - Certification Determinations
--09/16/08  Remarks on Release of the Annual Report on the Major Illicit Drug Producing Countries for Fiscal Year 2008; David T. Johnson, Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs; Washington, DC
--09/16/08  U.S. Welcomes USTDA Grants for European LNG Projects
--09/15/08  Bolivia and Venezuela: Departure of Ambassadors to the U.S. (Taken Question)
--09/15/08  Humanitarian Assistance to the Cuban People Following Hurricanes Gustav and Ike
--09/15/08  Malaysia: Nature of Meeting With Charge d'Affaires (Taken Question)
--09/15/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice To Deliver Remarks to The German Marshall Fund
--09/14/08  Terrorist Bombings in New Delhi, India 
--09/12/08  Briefing on Developments in the Iraqi Refugee Admissions and Assistance Programs; James B. Foley, Senior Coordinator for Iraqi Refugee Issues Ambassador ; Washington, DC 
--09/12/08  Expulsion of U.S. Ambassadors to Venezuela and Bolivia
--09/12/08  Georgia: International Monitors
--09/12/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice To Deliver Keynote Address to the Aspen Institute National Education Summit
--09/12/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Travel to New York For the United Nations 63rd General Assembly
--09/12/08  U.S. Declares Venezuelan Ambassador Persona Non Grata (PNG)
--09/12/08  U.S. Surpasses Goal of Admitting 12,000 Iraqi Refugees in Fiscal Year 2008; Assistance Reaches New Heights
--09/11/08  BOLIVIA: President Morales Declares Ambassador Goldberg PNG
--09/11/08  Department of State Facilitates Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Malawi, the Rodale Institute, and Women's Campaign International
--09/11/08  Designation of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) and Subsidiaries for Proliferation Activities
--09/11/08  India's Adherence to the NSG and MTCR Guidelines
--09/11/08  Senior Advisors to Brief Press on the Latest Developments in Iraqi Refugee Issues  
--09/11/08  U.S Position on Borders of a Future Palestinian State
--09/11/08  U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation Awards for 2008 Support for Cultural Preservation in 59 Countries 
--09/11/08  U.S. Declares Bolivian Ambassador Persona Non Grata (PNG]
--09/10/08  Briefing on a Treasury Designation Under Executive Order 13382; Patricia McNerney, Acting Assistant Secretary for International Security and Nonproliferation; Washington, DC
--09/10/08  Afghanistan National Army Expansion 
--09/10/08  Launch of the Democracy Video Challenge
--09/10/08  Recent Russian Actions in Georgia
--09/10/08  Treasury and State Departments Joint Press Conference on E.O. 13382 Designation
--09/10/08  Under Secretary of State James K. Glassman Participating in the Launch of the Democracy Video Challenge
--09/10/08  United States Condemns Car Bomb Attack in Lebanon
--09/09/08  Burma: Status of Aung San Suu Kyi
--09/09/08  Cuba: U.S. Humanitarian Response to Hurricane Ike
--09/09/08  Humanitarian Assistance to the Cuban People Following Hurricanes Gustav and Ike
--09/08/08  Statement on U.S.-Russia 123 Agreement; Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice; Washington, DC
--09/05/08  Assistant Secretary of State Goli Ameri To Name Fran Drescher as Public Diplomacy Envoy
--09/05/08  Call to Temporarily Loosen Restrictions on Cuba (Taken Question)
--09/05/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice To Deliver Keynote Address to the 2008 National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week Conference
--09/05/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Host Iftaar Dinner
--09/04/08  Office of the Historian, Bureau of Public Affairs Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Volume E-15, Documents on Eastern Europe, 1973-1976
--09/03/08  2008 Secretary's Award for Corporate Excellence Finalists Selected
--09/03/08  Briefing On the History of Libya's WMD Effort and Dismantlement Program and Libya's Renunciation of Terrorism; Paula A. DeSutter, Assistant Secretary of State for Verification, Compliance, and Implementation ; Washington, DC
--09/03/08  Coup in Mauritania
--09/02/08  Anbar Province Sets the Example for All of Iraq; Ma'amoun Sami Rasheed , Governor of Anbar Province; Via Digital Videoconference; Anbar Province, Iraq
--09/02/08  Argentina's Decision to Pay its Paris Club Debt
--09/02/08  Current State of U.S.-Libya Bilateral Relationship 
--09/02/08  Relations with Libya
--09/02/08  Satellite Press Briefing with Governor Ma'amoun Sami Rasheed, Anbar Province, Iraq 
--09/02/08  Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Travel to Portugal, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco
--09/02/08  Significant Events in U.S.-Libyan Relations
--09/02/08  Special Briefing On U.S.-Libya Relations;  C. David Welch, Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs ; Washington, DC

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