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Remarks With U.K. Foreign Secretary David Miliband and John Chambers, CEO of Cisco

Secretary Condoleezza Rice
Stanford Park Hotel
Menlo Park, CA
May 23, 2008

MR. CHAMBERS: (in progress) - that we believe you can compete anywhere in the world. We understand how important it is to partner with government and other businesses together in a collaborative style. And yet wet have a healthy paranoia to know that if you don't change, you can get left behind very quickly. So with that, Madame Secretary, (inaudible).

SECRETARY RICE: Thank you. Well, first of all, thank you very much and thank you for bringing together this great group of folks. We look forward to the discussion about the (inaudible), having a wonderful time going around and looking at the (inaudible) great balance which really is the engine of innovation in the United States and really, in the world. And I wanted David to see it because it was also my home. And it's been very, very (inaudible) be here.

I also would like to note that John, you've been a leader also at home. (Inaudible) with the State Department and I want to acknowledge John (inaudible) has been involved in a public-private partnership for Lebanon, as well as tons of others. So, John has always been not just a great (inaudible) and a great innovator, but also a great public leader as well. Thank you.

FOREIGN SECRETARY MILIBAND: Well, thanks. I've made speeches that have talked about many of the (inaudible). I'm glad I haven't had (inaudible), talked about - to answer your (inaudible). I think that the unique mix of things such as the people, money, ideas and infrastructure and how that's come together in this part of the world is something that (inaudible) to work from.

But all of us want to engage with many (inaudible) here, (inaudible) UK (inaudible). I always say that the relationship (inaudible) has always been (inaudible) and it's also been (inaudible) change. You've got the people all lined up, you've got all of these leaders in the public sector and also the private sector, I think is important. I guess in terms of the focus today, it really is on the agenda of (inaudible) private issues, how can government help Parliament keeping out of the way (inaudible), let the government try and do things that - his job to follow.

But we want to make sure that where government does have a role, it's in the right public policy environment and is doing so. Just one thing I would reflect (inaudible) discussion with venture capitalists yesterday (inaudible). They talked about being a business that had to understand the (inaudible) location first and that's something that the government - always the best, looking around the corner (inaudible).

(Inaudible) for you, how you see the business part of that, the aspiration of the people of the products and services that you're developing, I think, will help us understand what's driving our countries' (inaudible) conversation.


Released on May 23, 2008

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